Minecraft Nintendo Switch version confirmed for next month

It was always inevitable. Minecraft will make its way to Nintendo Switch.

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Minecraft Marketplace set to offer the best maps for a price

A new Minecraft marketplace could encourage a wave of entrepreneurial artists to the game, with a pricing model set to send shockwaves through the game’s passionate community.

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Minecraft: Fallout Edition sees the return of Dogmeat and co

Minecraft is the game that just keeps chugging along, and the latest Fallout pack may just bring even more players back to it.

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Nintendo prototyped a Minecraft-like game on the N64: ‘It’s something we should have made’

It goes without saying that Minecraft is one of the world’s largest entertainment brands, but Nintendo almost released its own version, long before Mojang became a gaming juggernaut.

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The inspiring Minecraft kingdom that took 4 years to build

This YouTuber is generating plenty of hype around his creation’s on Reddit and amongst Minecraft diehards.

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Minecraft PC price set to rise in most regions
If ever there was a time to buy Minecraft, now is it. Read more