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About Us

Welcome to Fenix Bazaar. is operated and owned by Gaetano Prestia (ABN: 18 392 557 307).


To offer an accessible, diverse and engaging social experience of geek culture, built around a central voice and free public discourse.

Fenix Bazaar

“Fenix” refers to both the mythological bird (phoenix), and popular game character Marcus Fenix from the Gears of War series.

Marcus Fenix has a strong heart, a powerful voice, and is an empowering warrior.

The Phoenix represents rebirth, rising from the ashes of its predecessor.

The “Fenix” in Fenix Bazaar represents voice, empowerment and response: the enthralling voice and empowerment of Marcus Fenix, and the rising birth of a dissenting voice with the Phoenix.

The “bazaar” in Fenix Bazaar represents the enclosed but welcoming exchange of ideas. The bazaar as we know it in Persian history was an enclosed marketplace where goods and services were exchanged. With Fenix Bazaar, the bazaar represents ideas in exchange for response and engagement.


ATTN: Fenix Bazaar

2000000 Collins Street


VIC, 3000


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