No, people didn’t mistake the Xbox One X for the Xbox Series X

A number of reports yesterday claiming Amazon consumers had mistakenly bought the Xbox One X instead of the Xbox Series X — an obvious attempt to paint Microsoft’s admittedly confusing console naming in a bad light — don’t really reflect the full, or true, picture of what actually occurred.

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Missed out on an Xbox Series X? It’s not the end of the world

If you’ll be with a PS4 or Xbox One over the Holiday season, you can still expect heavy investment and great games leading well into 2021. 

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Xbox Series X Australia pre-order rush leaves gamers clouded in the unknown

It’s a shame that the generation has started out like this, and I hope it’s not defined by it, but consumers deserve more transparency around the stock and logistic allocation of these events. 

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Microsoft’s Bethesda purchase is an Xbox Series X victory before next gen even begins

Microsoft officially kickstarted its transition into the next generation of Xbox consoles a few months back, but no day since has compared to the past 24 hours, arguably one of the most significant in Xbox history.

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Overwatch 2: Heroes we want to see reworked

Overwatch 2 stands to be a significant upgrade over its predecessor, but which heroes are in most need of a rework?

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Xbox Series X vs Series S: Which One Should You Buy?

Let’s do a deep dive into the Xbox Series X and Series S, and set the benchmark for you in deciding which console is right for you.

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NBA 2K21 Next Gen Wishlist: More love shown to MyGM and MyLeague

If there’s one thing on my NBA 2K21 next-gen wishlist, it’s that MyGM and MyLeague get way more love than they’ve be receiving.

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Overwatch 2: Features, Changes and Improvements we want to see

Let’s take a look at some hopes, dreams, features, changes and improvements I hope to see in Overwatch 2.

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Call of Duty 2020 isn’t fooling anyone: Do we have another Modern Warfare 3 fiasco on the horizon?
It’s August, typically only three months out from the annual Call of Duty release, and we still don’t have an official reveal for Call of Duty 2020. What we do have is a series of drawn out puzzles, viral marketing campaigns and hidden Easter eggs, which some appear to... Read more
Overwatch 2 silence only reaffirms Overwatch’s slow, sad decline
Overwatch 2 has had somewhat of a rocky history since its first unveiling at Blizzcon 2019 almost a year ago. Gameplay trailers and previews painted a heightened focus on PvE alongside the game’s traditional PvP offerings, but everything about what was on offer screamed “expansion” more than “sequel”. Recent... Read more