Nioh PvP coming in late April, with high-difficulty missions also on the way

As Nioh didn’t already service up one of the year’s deepest and toughest experiences, publisher Koei Tecmo Games is taking the title to all new heights of insanity.

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Nintendo Switch storage space will fit roughly three full games

With 32GB of internal storage, many consider the Switch to offer inadequate space in a digital era. Thankfully, many of the console’s upcoming titles will fit comfortably on the Switch’s internal storage.

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Overwatch’s 24th hero is ‘not who you think it is’, reveal could be imminent

All signs point to an imminent reveal for Overwatch’s highly anticipated 24th hero.

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Doomfist looks lost as focus shifts elsewhere for Overwatch’s 24th hero

Overwatch’s 24th hero has been the topic of much heated debate about the 25 millions players of Blizzard’s multiplayer juggernaut.

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PAX Australia 2017 dates and ticket prices announced
The biggest event on the Australian gaming calender is coming back in 2017. PAX Australia will return to its Melbourne home at the city’s Convention and Exhibition Centre, kickstarting the gaming silly season at the end of October. Taking place from October 27 until October 29, PAX Australia will... Read more
Activision Blizzard details its future plan for Overwatch: eSports, TV, and more

Overwatch may very well be the most successful new IP to hit the gaming scene in over a decade, and Activision Blizzard has big plans for it moving forward.

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Blizzard may consider Overwatch skin trading and crafting

If you don’t get the skin you want — and don’t have the credits to purchase it outright — you’re completely out of luck. Thankfully, Blizzard may consider skin trading and crafting.

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Stranger Things Commodore 64 game prototype revealed

If the teaser trailer for Stranger Things season 2 didn’t get you excited for the show’s return (and if it didn’t: what’s wrong with you!?), this awesome video game prototype should certainly do the job.

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Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare ‘wasn’t the success’ Activision hoped it would be
The signs were there from early on, but the investment had been made and there was no turning back. The reveal trailer for Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare would go down as one of the most disliked in YouTube history, and the writing was on the wall early for a franchise... Read more
Splatoon 2 embraces eSports with Spectator View and LAN Play

It’s been clear since the Nintendo Switch’s reveal trailer that the gaming giant was keen on pushing Splatoon down the eSports route.

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