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No Man’s Sky has a long trek back to respectability, and the Foundation Update is a huge step in the right direction

Some three months since it first hit PlayStation 4 and PC, No Man’s Sky is getting a huge update, and it’s a pretty significant player as to how the community is going to rate the game from here on out.

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No Man’s Sky is being fixed to be ‘closer to Hello Games’ vision’

PlayStation boss chats about the “huge ambition” that was No Man’s Sky.

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Sony appears to be taking revenge on No Man’s Sky refunders in a most bizarre way

Sony appears to be taking action of its own against PS4 owners who returned their digital copy of No Man’s Sky. And it’s strange to say the least.

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No Man’s Sky player spends two weeks walking across an entire planet

One No Man’s Sky player has set an unbelievably high benchmark for budding explorers.

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No Man’s Sky’s largest update yet offers specific PC fixes

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky has not been without issues since it launched on PS4 and PC last month. Aside from a plethora of negative user reviews and a huge player exodus of around 90%, the ambitious exploration game has faced its fair share of technical issues.

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No Man’s Sky antimatter guide: How to find and craft antimatter

You’ll need a constant stream of antimatter in your inventory, otherwise your journey across the universe and towards the centre will be a long and tedious one. Fast tracking your journey might be your core objective, and as such, having plenty is stock is fairly important. This guide will help you set up your antimatter inventory.

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No Man’s Sky crafting and blueprints guide

Your No Man’s Sky adventure starts with a standard exosuit, a broken ship, and a weak multi-tool. All of these tools can be repaired and upgraded, allowing you to explore, craft and build at a much faster rate than you can when you first start the game.

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No Man’s Sky hyperdrive guide: How to build and fuel your warp drive

Your ship is your primary companion in No Man’s Sky. It is your friend. Hell, it’s your lover if that’s your thing! There’s no doubting that you’re supposed to build a bond and establish a relationship with your ship as you improve it, upgrade it, and explore the stars with it.

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