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No Man’s Sky crafting and blueprints guide

Your No Man’s Sky adventure starts with a standard exosuit, a broken ship, and a weak multi-tool. All of these tools can be repaired and upgraded, allowing you to explore, craft and build at a much faster rate than you can when you first start the game.

As you explore the universe in No Man’s Sky, you’ll come across blueprints. These blueprints can be located anywhere in the universe at any time, so it’s hard for us to pinpoint them and tell you where they are: you just need to search for them. Some will be part of mini-missions and objectives, while others are waiting to be found.

They can generally be found one of two ways:

  • By helping an alien and receiving a blueprint as a gift.
  • By finding crashed pods on planets, generally marked by a “?”.

Once you find a recipe, it’ll appear in your inventory. Click on an empty inventory slot (either Exosuit, Ship or Multi-tool, depending on what the recipe is for), and then select the recipe. If you have the necessary ingredients you’ll be able to build it straight away.

If you want a quick insight into what items need what resources to build, check out the list below.


Exosuit Crafting

Shield Boost Sigma

  • Zinc x15 + Platinum x15 + Thamium9 x15

Health Module Sigma

  • Iron x50 + Plutonium x50 + Zinc x10

Health Module Theta

  • Aluminium x200 + Plutonium x250 + Thamium9 x300

Jetpack Booster 

  • Platinum x15 + Zinc x10 + Iron x50


Jetpack Booster Sigma 

  • Platinum x15 + Zinc x10 + Carite Sheet x1


Multi-Tool Crafting

Beam Coolant System V2

  • Heridium x100 + Iridium x200


Beam Focus V1

  • Heridium x20 + Iron x20 + Plutonium x20


Beam Focus Tau 

  • Chrysonite x100 + Plutonium x50


Beam Intensifier V1 

  • Plutonium x25 + Titanium x30



  • Iron x25 + Plutonium x25


Boltcaster Clip Sigma 

  • Plutonium x50 + Microdensity Fabric x2 + Titanium x20


Reload Accelerant Tau 

  • Chrysonite x50 + Zinc x100 + Plutonium x50


Reload Accelerant V1 

  • Heridium x15 + Iron x20 + Zinc x10


Combat Amplifier V1

  • Carbon x30 + Titanium x10


Starship Crafting

Accelerated Fire Tau 

  • Platinum x100 + Nickel x100


Accelerated Fire Sigma 

  • Aluminum x100 + Iron x50


Phase Beam 

  • Heridium x30 + Iron x30 + Thamium9 x30


Bypass Chip 

  • Silicon x60 + Plutonium x25 (Blueprint 1)


Bypass Chip 

  • Plutonium x10 + Iron x10 (Blueprint 2)


Carite Sheet

  • Iron x50


Electron Vapor 

  • Plutonium x100 + Suspension Fluid x1


Homingbolt Adaptor 

  • Plutonium x200 + Titanium x200 + AquaSphere x5


Impact Damage V1 

  • Platinum x100 + Iron x50 + Iridium x50


Land Disruptor 

  • Silicon x50 + Sulfur x50


Microdensity Fabric 

  • Platinum x10 + Iron x50


Pulse Jet Sigma 

  • Chrysonite x100 + Iron x200 + Zinc x50


Rail Shot Adaptor 

  • Copper x50 + Aluminium x100 + Iron x 200


Rangeboost V1 

  • Platinum x15 + Thamium9 x30 + Carbon x30


Rebound Grenades 

  • Platinum x20 + Chrysonite x15 + Zinc x10


Warp Cell 

  • Thamium9 x 100 + Antimatter x1


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