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No Man’s Sky player spends two weeks walking across an entire planet

No Man’s Sky is undoubtedly one of the most divisive games of the generation. With the promise of unparalleled exploration and action, gamers lapped up a hyped marketing campaign from Sony leading into the game’s release. Once the game launched, however, fans came to realise that the end result was anything but what the countless trailers painted it to be.

Love or hate what the game ended up being, one thing’s for sure: no game is quite like No Man’s Sky. Its procedurally-generated universe is at least worth a few hours of your time, blending complex crafting features with an intriguing end-goal at the centre of the universe.

Player numbers have dropped off significantly since launch, but whoever remains have committed many, many hours into the intimidating task of exploring as many planets as possible.

One player, however, has set a benchmark for budding explorers.

Redditor St3amb0t one day decided to find a planet and walk across the entirety of its landscape, and, as expected, it took a hell of a long time.

“After two weeks of running and jumping across Dudenbeaumodeme I finally returned to my ship,” they said. “My heart was pounding during those last few minutes as I made my way over one final mountain. It was still where I left it, resting in the snow. I took a final victory lap around the ship before leaping in. I didn’t even look back until I had left the atmosphere.”

The player said it took around 40-45 hours in total to walk around the whole planet, done over the course of two weeks. That’s an average of around 3 hours a day.

They aren’t sure how many steps the journey took, but they are now at 650,000, suggesting the total number was well in the hundreds of thousands.

The final hour of the walk is below, and you can find the exact locations of the planet here.



Monday 19th of September 2016

Hahaha, it's a lot of commitment

Master Fenix

Wednesday 21st of September 2016

I wonder if they realise Star Citizen exists :P


Friday 16th of September 2016








Gaetano Prestia

Friday 16th of September 2016

Do you mean, "Whhhhhhhy"?  [cool]

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