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No Man’s Sky Atlas Pass guide: How to find and craft the blueprint

An Atlas Pass is one of the most important items in No Man’s Sky. They grant you access to locked doors on space stations, which can grant you all sorts of special goodies.

You can earn an Atlas Pass blueprint fairly early in your game, and doing so will allow you to open doors without restrictions. Passes come in different versions — V1, V2, V3 — and we’ll guide you through how to get one.


How To Get An Atlas Pass

You’ll notice that many locations are locked and require an access pass, particularly drop pods. Space stations also have locked doors, which will present a message, “Atlas Pass required” when you try to access it. These rooms generally house some rare and in some cases exotic items that are very important to your journey, so getting through these doors should be a priority.

Here’s where you can find an Atlas Pass.

First, make sure you select the path of the Atlas from the orb next to your ship when you start the game. This is very important! Don’t choose to be a free explorer.

  1. Fill your ship with warp cells for long travel
  2. Visit an Atlas Station
  3. Communicate with NPC’s that are inside
  4. Respond positively and peacefully
  5. Your reward should be an Atlas Pass blueprint

Space Anomoly

Make some warp jumps (3-4), and talk to a Space Anomaly that is suddenly sending you a transition. Fly towards it, dock your ship inside, head up the walk way, and talk to the NPC. Answer peacefully and favourably, hand over some of your data (preferably species data) and take your Atlas Pass blueprint.

Once you have this blueprint, you’ll be able to craft it like all other things in the game.

How To Craft Atlas Pass

To craft an Atlas Pass you’ll need two core ingredients:

  • Iron x 25
  • Heridium x 10

Both are fairly common. With Heridium, look for large deposits that stand out from the ground like a Monolith.

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