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No Man’s Sky antimatter guide: How to find and craft antimatter

Antimatter is undoubtedly one of the most important resources in the No Man’s Sky universe. You’ll need it to power up your warp cells, which in turn fuel your hyperdrive, which allows you to star hope and move around the galaxy. For a more in-depth look at how to build your hyperdrive, check out our No Man’s Sky hyperdrive guide.

You’ll need a constant stream of antimatter in your inventory, otherwise your journey across the universe and towards the centre will be a long and tedious one. Fast tracking your journey might be your core objective, and as such, having plenty is stock is fairly important. This guide will help you set up your antimatter inventory.


Where To Find Antimatter

Antimatter is a rare and highly sought-after commodity. It can be found at outposts on random planets, and if you happen to come across some, be sure to take it because that occurrence in itself is rare. The game’s main “story” will gift you one for free to help you on your journey, but that won’t happen again: you’ll eventually have to fend for yourself.

You can also buy it from the many different galactic trade markets you’ll find at outposts and other random locations, but that’s going to set you back at least 50,000 credits. As you can imagine, constantly buying it to fuel your trip is not a particularly efficient — or responsible — way of getting around the universe. If you’re desperate, then it’s great, but if you familiarise yourself with the game’s fundamentals, there’s a cheaper (although certainly not easier) way to get it.

No Man’s Sky antimatter blueprint

NOTE: This is for players who chose the Atlas mission path at the start of the game. If you’re a “free explorer”, you won’t be gifted the recipe this easily: you’ll need to search for. Good luck!

After your first hyperdrive warp, you should arrive at a new star system. Pending you have followed the “story” as intended, you should receive a signal about a manufacturing facility. You’ll notice a waypoint on your radar at one of the planets in the system. Head over there, and upgrade your Multi-Tool so that it can cut through the locked door.

Doing this will set off an alert and attract Sentinels, so either fight them off (not recommend) or focus your fire on the door, take a little damage, and then run in as soon as you jar the entrance open. Once inside, the Sentinel threat will disappear and your wanted level will fall.

Inside this building is a control console: activate it to receive the antimatter recipe.

No Man’s Sky antimatter recipe

If you’ve played your cards right, you should now be able to create antimatter at will with the necessary resources.

  • Electron Vapour x1
  • Heridium x50
  • Zinc x20

To create Electron Vapour:

  • Either purchase or craft Suspension Fluid x1 (Carbon x50), and;
  • Mine or purchase Plutonium x100 (probably better to mine seeing as though it’s readily available on most planets).

To find Heridium:

  • Keep a look out for the super rare but decisively huge Heridium deposits. Get in your ship and fly close to the surface to look for one.
  • Purchase some, although be prepared for a big hit to your pocket.

To find Zinc:

  • You can extract Zinc from many flora. It’s very common.
  • Alternatively, you can buy it as it’s fairly inexpensive.

Once you have these three items, you should be able to freely move around the universe. If your objective is to fly to the centre as quickly as possible, then landing on planets with high Heridium deposits will certainly help you do that.

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