NBA 2K17 My Career Prelude is a great gift for series diehards

2K Sports is doing with NBA 2K17 something it’s never done in the franchise before, and fans couldn’t be happier.

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August 2016 game releases: No Man’s Sky, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Madden 17

We’re heading into the crazy half of 2016, and August will set us up for a big end to the year with a number of huge highly-anticipated releases.

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10 reasons why you need to quit what you’re playing and jump back into Red Dead Redemption right now

Red Dead Redemption has finally hit Xbox One via backwards compatibility. If you can’t half tell, I’m having a blast with it: from using cheats to cause havoc in the game’s stunning Wild West setting, to re-experiencing the game’s most memorable moments, I’m glad to be able to finally return to this six-year-old gem.

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Game releases July 2016: Every big title out in July
After a solid June, July is also shaping up to be a fun month with a number of big releases on the horizon. With the likes of Batman: Return To Arkham and Ghostbusters leading the way, there’s a varied range of blockbuster titles across every platform. So what’s out in... Read more
Mighty No.9 joins Red Steel, SimCity in list of Most disappointing games of the past decade
The release of Mighty No.9 after multiple delays and plenty of promise has reignited frustrated debate around crowd-funding. Irrespective of your views on the Kickstarter funding platform, it was clear from early on that the spiritual successor to Mega Man was never going to live up to expectations. Undoubtedly... Read more
The best, worst, most disappointing and most surprising games of 2016 so far
We’re half-way through 2016, and it’s been a big year in gaming so far. Plenty of fantastic games, but certainly no shortage of disappointments. We’re primed for a big second half of the year with the likes of Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and No Man’s Sky, to name a... Read more
Overwatch ultimate quotes ranked from least to most terrifying

The Ultimate Ability in Overwatch is the definitive way to take control of a match and turn things in your favour.

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Game releases June 2016: Every big title out this month
After a bumper May, June is also shaping up to be an exciting one for gamers with E3 and a number of big releases. Read more
Game releases May 2016: Every big title out this month
May 2016 may very well shape up to be one of the biggest months of the year. Read more
Modern Warfare Remastered: The 10 Best COD4 Maps We Want To See

Here are our top 10 COD4 Maps.

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