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Super Mario Run price, compatibility and microtransactions: Everything You Need To Know

Super Mario Run is about to take the world by storm.

Just as Pokemon Go did earlier this year when it came to iOS and Android, the iconic Italian plumber is about to take over mobile for the first time in his long and illustrious career.

super mario run release date

It may have taken Nintendo far, far too long to do it, but Mario is finally coming to smartphones and tablets, so prepare to see countless people on trains, sidewalks, and pretty much everywhere else trying to guide the boss from Brooklyn through yet another memorable adventure.

To prepare you ahead of the game’s December 15 launch, let’s cover the basics to make sure you’re prepared and ready to go.


Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling, auto-runner platformer game for mobile.

You’ll play as and control Mario, who will automatically run from the left to the right of screen.

To jump, you need to touch the screen. The longer you touch the screen, the higher Mario will jump.

super mario run microtransactions

You’ll need to guide Mario over gaps, enemies and other obstacles while also collecting coins.

The main goal of Super Mario Run is to reach the end of a level as quickly as possible.

Each level has five pink coins: collecting all five unlocks five purple coins, and collecting them unlocks five black coins.


Game Modes

Aside from the mode described above, Super Mario Run also offers:

Toad Rally: A game in which you race against a ghost version of other players’ play through each level.

Kingdom Builder: In this mode you’ll be able to build your own kingdom using coins and Toads you’ve found throughout your playthrough.



Compatible Devices


Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


More details on Android release of Super Mario Run in the coming weeks.



Here’s what Super Mario Run costs in your country.

Albania USD 11.99
Angola USD 9.99
Anguilla USD 9.99
Antigua and Barbuda USD 9.99
Argentina USD 9.99
Armenia USD 9.99
Armenia USD 9.99
Australia AUD 14.99
Austria EUR 9.99
Azerbaijan USD 9.99
Bahamas USD 9.99
Bahrain USD 9.99
Barbados USD 9.99
Belarus USD 9.99
Belgium EUR 9.99
Belize USD 9.99
Benin USD 9.99
Bermuda USD 9.99
Bhutan USD 9.99
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) USD 9.99
Botswana USD 9.99
Brazil USD 9.99
Brunei Darussalam USD 9.99
Bulgaria EUR 9.99
Burkina Faso USD 9.99
Cabo Verde USD 9.99
Cambodia USD 9.99
Canada CAD 13.99
Cayman Islands USD 9.99
Chad USD 9.99
Chile USD 9.99
Colombia USD 9.99
Congo USD 9.99
Costa Rica USD 9.99
Croatia USD 12.49
Cyprus EUR 9.99
Czech Republic EUR 9.99
Denmark DKK 79
Dominica USD 9.99
Dominican Republic USD 9.99
Ecuador USD 9.99
Egypt USD 9.99
El Salvador USD 9.99
Estonia EUR 9.99
Fiji USD 9.99
Finland EUR 9.99
France EUR 9.99
Gambia USD 9.99
Germany EUR 9.99
Ghana USD 9.99
Greece EUR 9.99
Grenada USD 9.99
Guatemala USD 9.99
Guinea-Bissau USD 9.99
Guyana USD 9.99
Honduras USD 9.99
Hong Kong HKD 78
Hungary EUR 9.99
India INR 620
Indonesia IDR 149
Ireland EUR 9.99
Israel ILS 39.9
Italy EUR 9.99
Jamaica USD 9.99
Japan JPY 1200
Jordan USD 9.99
Kazakhstan USD 9.99
Korea (Republic of) USD 10.99
Kuwait USD 9.99
Kyrgyzstan USD 9.99
Lao People’s Democratic Republic USD 9.99
Latvia EUR 9.99
Lebanon USD 9.99
Liberia USD 9.99
Lithuania EUR 9.99
Luxembourg EUR 9.99
Macao USD 9.99
Macedonia (the former Yugoslav Republic of) EUR 9.99
Madagascar USD 9.99
Malawi USD 9.99
Malaysia USD 9.99
Mali USD 9.99
Malta EUR 9.99
Mauritania USD 9.99
Mauritius USD 9.99
Mexico MXN 169
Micronesia (Federated States of) USD 9.99
Moldova (Republic of) USD 9.99
Mongolia USD 9.99
Montserrat USD 9.99
Mozambique USD 9.99
Namibia USD 9.99
Nepal USD 9.99
Netherlands EUR 9.99
New Zealand NZD 14.99
Nicaragua USD 9.99
Niger USD 9.99
Nigeria USD 9.99
Norway NOK 109
Oman USD 9.99
Pakistan USD 9.99
Palau USD 9.99
Panama USD 9.99
Papua New Guinea USD 9.99
Paraguay USD 9.99
Peru USD 9.99
Philippines USD 9.99
Poland EUR 9.99
Portugal EUR 9.99
Qatar USD 9.99
Romania EUR 9.99
Russia RUB 749
Saint Kitts and Nevis USD 9.99
Saint Lucia USD 9.99
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines USD 9.99
Sao Tome and Principe USD 9.99
Saudi Arabia SAR 36.99
Senegal USD 9.99
Seychelles USD 9.99
Sierra Leone USD 9.99
Singapore SGD 14.98
Slovakia EUR 9.99
Slovenia EUR 9.99
Solomon Islands USD 9.99
South Africa ZAR 149.99
Spain EUR 9.99
Sri Lanka USD 9.99
Suriname USD 9.99
Swaziland USD 9.99
Sweden SEK 109
Switzerland CHF 10
Taiwan TWD 300
Tajikistan USD 9.99
Tanzania (United Republic of) USD 9.99
Thailand THB 349
Trinidad and Tobago USD 9.99
Tunisia USD 9.99
Turkey TRY 26.99
Turkmenistan USD 9.99
Turks and Caicos Islands USD 9.99
Uganda USD 9.99
Ukraine USD 9.99
United Arab Emirates AED 36.99
United Kingdom GBP 7.99
United States USD 9.99
Uruguay USD 9.99
Uzbekistan USD 9.99
Venezuela (the Bolivarian Republic of) USD 9.99
Viet Nam USD 9.99
Virgin Islands (British) USD 9.99
Yemen USD 9.99
Zimbabwe USD 9.99



Super Mario Run will have a one-off purchasing fee, and beyond that, it’s expected that there won’t be any additional in-app purchases.

It can be played for free, however, for the first few stages. Beyond that, the player will need to buy the full game in order to experience all of its features.



An online connection is required in order to play Super Mario Run.  Nintendo says this is to ensure the game remains stable and secure at all times.


Monday 12th of December 2016

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Master Fenix

Monday 12th of December 2016

Pretty standard!

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