Gears Of War 4 Horde Mode 3.0: The Definitive Guide To Get You Started

Gears Of War 4 is now upon us, and with a new entry in the iconic Xbox franchise comes yet another version of the popular wave mode, Horde. This exciting new iteration, called Horde 3.0, introduces a number of new gameplay features, including skill progression to help players level up as they work through the enemy waves. This guide will take you through Horde 3.0 basics, including Cards, Classes, Fortifications, and Class skill upgrades.

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Gears Of War 4 weapons guide: The definitive arsenal playbook

There’s no shortage of devastating weapons in Gears Of War 4 multiplayer. As is standard in multiplayer shooters, you’ll choose a loadout, generally spread out across multiple weapon types, and enter the battlefield packing plenty of heat. Here are the weapons basics you need to know and understand.

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Gears of War 4 review – An iconic franchise in good hands

Gears of War 4 succeeds in its mantra to simultaneously evoke the ambient dark campaign of Epic’s original, whilst progressing the highly lauded multiplayer with direction from the community and a rising esports presence.

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Gears Of War 4 Ultimate Edition release date, price revealed
Australian gamers will be amongst the first in the world to dive into Gears Of War 4 when the game launches exclusively on Xbox One this October, with a special Ultimate Edition offering diehard grunts the chance to play the game four days before release. Read more
Gears Of War 4 launches this October
Microsoft is hoping to kick start a big holiday season for Xbox One with the release of Gears Of War 4 on October 11. Adam Fletcher, Director of Community and Gears 4 developer, Coalition, said the game “marks the beginning of an epic new saga for one of gaming’s... Read more