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In less than a week, Overwatch player already has a 5000 Skill Rating

Overwatch has seen some pretty significant changes over the past month. A new character, some Quick Play changes, and a new Arcade Mode compliment the start of Competitive Play season 3, itself bringing in a hoard of changes.

This “new” Overwatch experience has barely been live and active for a fortnight, and Competitive Play season 3 only kicked off last week, but one player has already mastered what is undeniably the game’s most ruthlessly competitive and skill-driven mode.

Koo ‘EVERMORE’ Kyo Min, a professional Overwatch player from Korea, has topped the charts on his way to becoming the first player to hit the illusive 5,000 Skill Rating in a little under a week of play. Outrageous!


His quick blast to the top of the charts comes after game director, Jeff Kaplan, revealed plans to improve the Skill Rating. The general consensus coming out of Season 2 was that it was just far too hard to climb up the ranks.

Blizzard had admittedly placed a large percentage of players into the platinum bracket that didn’t belong there, meaning the MMR averaged out to being far too low for the tier. This made for a constant game of catch-up, and players found their skill ratings getting massive hits while the MMR tried to balance out.

“In a Nostradamus moment, I’m going to predict the massive amount of rage that will come when we move all of these players from Platninum into Gold and Silver,” Kaplan said at BlizzCon 2016.

The attitude of Platninum players is that they all belong there – everyone else is really a gold, silver or bronze player – not them.”‘


Now it appears that it might be too easy to climb the ranks, although no one’s doubting EVERMORE’s skills.

He needed only 45 games to reach the 5000 skill rating benchmark, using Roadhog as his main.

If you want to see his skills put to the test on the competitive circuit, he plays for Team KongDoo Panthera, so expect to see him on the circuit in the Overwatch APEX Season 2 tournament in the near future.

In the mean time, check out his crazy skills in the video below.


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