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Why Overwatch Quick Play went to a one hero limit

Overwatch developer Blizzard revealed a number of big changes for the acclaimed team-based shooter at BlizzCon over the weekend. The new Arcade Mode replaces Brawls, while Sombra gets added to the already diverse character roster.

One of the more interesting — and controversial — changes coming to the game is the introduction of a one hero limit to Quick Play.

The mode has always been seen as somewhat of a more “casual” mode alongside Competitive Play and Brawls, but Blizzard is changing that to make for a more streamlined transition to the more skill-based modes.

This is ultimately what drove the decision and led to the creation of the of the No Limits mode in Arcade, which was essentially Quick Play with the ability to character stack.

“We wanted quick play to feel a bit more like competitive and would like it was the logical next step for players to make from learning to play in Quick Play to competitive play,” Blizzard’s Jeremy Craig at BlizzCon (via PVPLive). “We wanted to reduce the randomness, or ‘Clown Fiesta’, feeling of Quick Play so people could play the game normally.”

Craig explained that in Quick Play, teams were often stacked with Torbjorn’s and Bastion’s, leading to an unbalanced experience that wasn’t ideal for players looking to improve their skills in the jump to Competitive Play.

“We feel that three distinct levels of play will serve the community better as a whole.” he concluded.

What are your thoughts on the one hero limit? Vote in our poll and sound off in the comments below!

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Wednesday 23rd of November 2016

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Monday 7th of November 2016

I previously had only played quick play but after playing the Halloween brawl forcing you to actually use different heroes I found it really did work better. I'm all for this move as long as there is the arcade mode where you can go and just mess around and do what you please.

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