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Overwatch update adds Sombra, Arcade Mode: Now live on all platforms

Overwatch has received a significant update, with many of the new features revealed at Blizzcon now finally moving beyond the PTR.

The latest 10GB patch, which is live now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, adds a number of new gameplay modes, a new character, and the standard host of bug fixes and balancing tweaks.

First up, let’s take a look at Sombra, the newest character to join the ranks.


Machine Pistols – These are fully automatic, and have short range.


Hack – She can hack enemies, stopping them from using their Ultimates, and also manipulate first aid kits so that they don’t work for opponents.


Thermoptic Camo – She becomes invisible for a short period of time and gets a speed boost. Any damage or attacking disables the camo.


Translocator – This beacon, when placed, allows Sombra to transport to its location from anywhere else on the map.


EMP – Destroys enemy barriers and shields, and hacks all nearby opponents.


Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode replaces the Weekly Brawl mode, adding a host of new modes to the fray.

Mystery Duel: This is a 1v1 duel between you and another player, with both characters being selected at random. The new “Eco-Point Antarctica” map has been designed for this small, tight battles.

Elimination: This 3v3 best-of-5 battle has a permadeath and single-hero limit.

Mystery Heroes: A 6v6 brawl that is the same as Quick Play, except all characters are selected at random.

No Limits: Essentially Quick Play as it was before the single-hero limit.

All Brawls: All old modes from the initial Brawl mode will be included in this playlist.


Quick Play changes

With the Arcade Mode bringing in the “No Limits” experience and no single-hero limit, Quick Play mode has also seen some slight changes.

The mode has always been seen as somewhat of a more “casual” mode alongside Competitive Play and Brawls, but Blizzard is changing that to make for a more streamlined transition to the more skill-based modes.

This is ultimately what drove the decision and led to the creation of the of the No Limits mode in Arcade, which was essentially Quick Play with the ability to character stack. You’ll no longer be able to stack in Quick Play.

For a full list of changes coming to Overwatch in the new patch, check out the official Overwatch website.

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Tuesday 6th of December 2016

[…] seen some pretty significant changes over the past month. A new character, some Quick Play changes, and a new Arcade Mode┬ácompliment the start of Competitive Play season 3, […]

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