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Antisocial Karen always brings her Nintendo Switch to the party

Nintendo lifted the lid on the Nintendo Switch last week, sending the internet into meltdown with its new console-handheld hybrid. We don’t have specs, a launch date, price or software lineup, but people are still clamouring for what many believe will be Nintendo’s climb back to the top (not really but fingers crossed!).

The Switch trailer is endlessly watchable, mainly because of its catchy tune. There’s another reason to watch it again, though, and no, it’s not to see Breath Of The Wild running on Switch: it’s because Antisocial Karen is the new meme to take over the internet.

It all started when Tumblr user Joematar mocked “Karen” and her strange knack of bringing video game consoles to rooftop drinking sessions.

It kind of blew up from there, and as you can imagine there’s now a Reddit subreddit, Twitter handle, and probably soon to be a porn parody.

I can’t help but think that Joematar has a point, as much as I hate the bloke for having created this. I mean, get a load of this:

She’s trying really hard to get people to play her Switch. Her Nintendo Switch. Can’t she just, I don’t know, stop playing for a bit and enjoy some conversation with her friends? Dammit, Karen!





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