SNES Mini confirmed, Classic Edition comes bundled with unreleased Star Fox 2

Reports were circling earlier this year, but we now finally have confirmation of the return of a Nintendo classic.

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‘Limited quantity’ of Nintendo Switch pre-orders go on sale this weekend

If you thought the rush for the NES Classic Edition was crazy, wait until an entirely new console hits the market.

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SNES Classic Edition could be on the way in 2017

Nintendo could set itself up for another huge 2017 with the release of the Switch, its newest home console, and perhaps even the SNES Classic Edition.

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In less than a month, NES Classic Edition sells as many units as Wii U did in 6 months

It’s no secret that the NES Classic Edition is one of the year’s — and certainly Christmas’ — most popular item. It’s even trumped a newer console.

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NES Classic Edition scalpers are being guaranteed a profit by eBay

The NES Classic Edition is the year’s most sought-after piece of video game hardware, and, as is often the case when demand exceeds supply (as this has), scalpers are making a hefty product by reselling the console on eBay and other auction sites.

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Nintendo promises a ‘steady flow’ of NES Classic Edition this Christmas

As expected, the supply couldn’t meet demand, and once again we find ourselves heading into Christmas with people clamouring for a Nintendo product.

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Demand is piping hot for the NES Classic Edition, feeding into nostalgic urges of a forgotten era
It’s one of the most popular video game products in years, perhaps since the release of the Xbox One and PS4 in late 2013.┬áThis is despite being fuelled entirely by nostalgic urges, feeding into the Gen Y gamer’s childhood memories: it was the console that introduced them to gaming.... Read more