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NES Classic Edition scalpers are being guaranteed a profit by eBay

The NES Classic Edition is the year’s most sought-after piece of video game hardware, and, as is often the case when demand exceeds supply (as this has), scalpers are making a hefty product by reselling the console on eBay and other auction sites.

Some consoles have sold for in the thousands, while the general selling price has dropped from around $400 USD to around $250-$300 USD. That’s still around a 150 percent markup on the retail price in North America, so as you can imagine, those lucky enough to get their hands on one (or in some cases multiple) are making a hefty profit on the side.

Such is the nature of sites like eBay, and it would be hard to blame the company for what are people sell in online auctions. However, a damning new report suggests eBay is actively encouraging sellers to sell the console at more than twice the retail value, even promising a minimum sale benchmark should it not reach the expected price.

Powerup reports that when starting a 7-day auction for the NES Classic Edition with a starting price of $0.99, eBay guarantees the seller a final value price of $218. This guarantee means that should the auction not reach that price, eBay will make up the difference with credit to use elsewhere on the marketplace.

This can only be applied to a maximum of two NES Classic Edition auctions in a one-month period, although nothing would be stopping someone from making multiple accounts in order to make at least $120 USD profit on each console sold.

The NES Classic Edition is still in high demand, with Nintendo promising a steady supply of consoles leading into and beyond the busy Christmas period.

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