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SNES Classic Edition could be on the way in 2017

The NES Classic Edition, a re-released digitised version of a gaming classic, has proven to be one of the year’s most in-demand products.

Nintendo could set itself up for another huge year in 2017 with the release of the Switch, its newest home console, and perhaps even the SNES Classic Edition.

It would seem like the logical next step after the popularity of the NES Classic Edition, and considering the ease and relatively small size of SNES games, it should be easy to see the idea come to fruition.

The prospect of the SNES Classic Edition has come about after Nintendo registered a patent in Japan for a slightly revised but still very familiar SNES controller design.

It was revealed by a Twitter bot, which crawls Japanese patent registrations.


Now this doesn’t necessarily confirm the existence of the SNES Classic Edition, even if it makes the most sense.

Nintendo would have been very impressed and satisfied with the success and demand surrounding the NES Classic Edition, and there’s no doubting that the SNES Classic Edition would be similarly popular.

The controller could simply have been patented to protect the design against the never-ending stream of third-party copycats.

It may also have been patented in preparation for the Switch’s inevitable Virtual Control support.

What’s interesting is that Nintendo has been very active in shutting down the production and sale of third-party NES controller copycats, as pointed out in this NeoGAF thread.

Some peripheral manufacturers have jumped on the NES bandwagon, and Nintendo appears intent on protecting its prized gaming icons.

That it’s been so quick to do this with the SNES controller design suggests we could very well see the SNES Classic Edition in 2017. Fingers crossed!


Thursday 29th of December 2016

Yeah have been expecting this..... I for one would grab one, no doubt a 64 version will also be around the corner. And Hell why not! It will sell!!!

Master Fenix

Thursday 29th of December 2016

@micdaman I'd think that an N64 version would be tougher for emulation purposes.

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