The game we’ve all been waiting for: Cat President
They say everything’s political, and, well, maybe they’re right. Even our furry little feline friends are getting in on the political tussle for world domination. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Read more
Vale Xbox 360: End Of An Era For An All-Time Great
After more than ten years, the Xbox 360 is retiring. Microsoft announced that it would cease production of the console, effectively ending what has been a wonderful decade. Read more
The PlayStation 4K, if real, is nonsensical
We all know the good old saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Unfortunately, the folks at Sony HQ must have missed the memo. Read more
A different studio may be looking after the reported Batman Arkham HD Collection
One of the most acclaimed video game series of last generation could be getting a remastering on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A report on Eurogamer suggests the Batman Arkham HD Collection would be released in June on Xbox One and PS4, and will include both of Rocksteady’s first... Read more
The Weekly Wrap Up #2

The Weekly Wrap Up #2

News April 18, 2016 0

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap up where host Ritchie Plunkett (RSOP on the forums) will be capturing the moments from the Gaming, Tech and Film world and here on Fenix Bazaar.   Read more
PlayStation VR headset revealed by Plantronics: The Rig 4VR
Plantronics has jumped on the virtual reality bandwagon, revealing a brand new PlayStation VR headset designed specifically for the exciting new virtual reality gaming experience. Read more
Kobe Bryant’s Career In Video Games
Tonight, Kobe Bryant, one of if not the greatest basketball players of all-time, will take to the court for the last time. His loyal, one-club 20-year career with the Los Angeles is among the best in US professional sports history. He was part of the best Lakers teams, and... Read more
World Of Tanks Blitz on Mac: Initial Impressions
I’ve spent some time playing World Of Tanks Blitz on Mac, and have filmed my shenanigans for you all to see and experience for yourself! It’s been a long time coming to see this explosive Free-to-Play game coming to Mac, bringing with it online battle consisting of over 200... Read more
HTC 10 Features: Exciting New Additions
HTC announced it’s latest flagship the HTC 10 yesterday. Here are the top 3 most exciting HTC 10 features to look forward to. Read more
Quantum Break concludes the failed TV show/game cross-over experiment
We won’t see another videogame and TV show crossover, at least not as intrinsically connected as Quantum Break. The fact of the matter is it doesn’t work as it was sold. Read more