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Borderlands 3 release date will be announced very soon

The hype around Borderlands 3 is hard to ignore at this point, with all eyes now on April 3 following this week’s gameplay reveal. The big question, however, is: when is Borderlands 3‘s release date?

There’s many a conspiracy and theory roaming around gaming forums regarding the story, characters, what we can expect from the game more broadly, and, importantly, the game’s release date.

borderlands 3 reveal

It’s been a long and torturous wait for anything Borderlands 3 related, with fans of the popular series from Gearbox waiting long and hard for confirmation of rumours that have been swirling around for years. Two trailers and a PAX East showcase finally put Borderlands fans at ease.

Not much was really provided alongside the trailer though: it looks like much more of the same, although I reckon that’s a good thing because, well, more Borderlands is never a bad thing.

borderlands 3 reveal

Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford, always the vocal and active one across social media when it comes to Gearbox software and reputation, has been working hard to ramp up support for Borderlands, and fans have no doubt been bombarding him with questions about Borderlands 3, namely about the game’s release date.

Well, even after all the work done by the community to find the release date before Gearbox had a chance to tell us, turns out April 3 will be the big time to shine for the studio, as this will be when Borderlands 3 fans will learn the game’s release date.

borderlands 3 gameplay

“The [Borderlands 3] release date will be locked in and revealed on April 3,” Pitchford said to a fan on Twitter.

That means that in only four days, we’ll finally know the release date for Borderlands 3. Many a fan and theorist has the game locked in for an October 1 2019 release date, and given the historical releases of the series this seems to be an accurate representation of when we can expect the game to hit.

borderlands 3 release date

October 2019 also stands as the game’s 10th anniversary, and so it would be a fitting, even if unintentional, celebration of Borderlands‘ introduction to the world.

When do you think Borderlands 3’s release date will be? Sound off in the comments below!

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