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A new AFL game is on the way: AFL Evolution ousted by Classification Board

It’s been six years since we last got a major AFL video game release, but it seems like a new game could be on the way ahead of the 2017 season.

The Australian Classification Board has classified a game called “AFL Evolution” for Xbox One, and, as expected, it’s coming from the folks at Wicked Witch Software.

The Melbourne-based studio has a long history in mobile development but has also developed a number of AFL games for console, most recently AFL Live 2 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The series started with AFL Live back in 2011, and was developed by Big Ant Software. It switched over to Wicked Witch for the second iteration, with the studio having previously worked on PSP, DS, iPad and Wii AFL games.

While AFL games have historically been met negatively by critics, they tend to generate a lot of interest from a large fanbase that passionately supports Australia’s largest professional sport.

The classification page doesn’t note a release date, but we can assume it would be scheduled for release either in early 2017 in time for the new season, or before Christmas so as to take advantage of the busy holiday shopping season.

That it’s been classified suggests the game is completed or nearing completion, meaning we could see it hit the console very soon. And, as has been the case for unannounced games that are outed by the Classification Board, we should see Wicked Witch make an official announcement soon.

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