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NBA 2K17 My Career Tips: How to quickly boost those attributes and become a superstar

Getting A Perfect Teammate Grade


If you want to climb the ladder of success and become a superstar in the NBA, you need to perform on game day. That goes without saying, but simply performing in the gym isn’t going to cut it. Put mildly, you want to play as many A+ teammate rating games as possible.

The key to getting this rating is not trying to dominate in the early matches: don’t force your shoots, spam the pass button, set moving screens, or anything that might lead to a turnover (like trying to pass through traffic). These can all lead to a poor teammate grade and less VC. Put simply, just scoring lots of points won’t get the job done: you’ll need to do a lot more.

Firstly, only take open shots. Don’t try to shoot through traffic or over defenders unless your attributes allow for it. Hit the gym and practice your shots to see where your player’s sweet spot is. If a player isn’t a jump shooter, don’t force the three or mid-range jumper. You’ll get a “bad shot selection” penalty.

Wherever possible, get into space and either fake or call for the screen to drive to the basket.

A strong shooter on your team will also help you boost your grade and VC by being an easy option for the assist. Try to learn where your teammates are best on the court from, and get the ball to them if they’re open in those spots.

Don’t over dribble and force the dribble, because the AI is punishing against that: you’ll turn the ball over and get a penalty. If you force the dribble, make bad passes or bad shots, your teammates will trust you less and might refuse to give you the ball.

If you cause a turnover, don’t cry about it: get back onto defense as soon as possible and contest the shot, or even take the foul to stop the fast break. You can avoid the double penalty (turnover, score off turnover) by filling the lane and defending well.

Screens are also a fantastic way to boost teammate rating. Press B/Square to set a screen, but make sure your player’s feet are planted and not moving when the opposition player crashes into them. If you’re moving when this happens, it’s an offensive foul. If your team scores off a screen you’ve set, you’ll get a teammate boost for a good screen and a “screen assist”.

Tips To Get You Started

  • Don’t force your shots
  • Don’t over-dribble
  • Get into space
  • Move off the ball
  • Keep moving!
  • Set screens
  • Don’t force passes through traffic
  • Pass the ball around and get good ball movement going
  • Utilise space


The NBA 2K series has always been that kind of “easy to play, hard to master” beast, and this year’s game is no exception. NBA 2K17 can be brutal to play, especially considering the faster nature of the experience. Good defense is key to winning games and boosting your playing profile: bad defense will really piss off your teammates.

Even if your direct opponent scores, so long as you defend well you won’t get a penalty: you may ever get a grade boost for good defense and shot contention. So long as you don’t give your direct opponent on open jumper or lane to the basket, you should be okay.

You should also learn how to utilise lock-on defense, but don’t over-do it. This allows you to “stick” to the defender, but it leaves you vulnerable to ankle breakers and quick drives to the basket. Keep a good distance, but not too far, just close enough to be able to both contest the ball and move into space should the player drive to the basket. You don’t need to jump when they take a shot: if you’re close enough when locked-on, your player will automatically content the shot. Jumping may cause a foul, which will land you a penalty. If you foul while defending well, generally there’s no punishment or reward either way.

Stay ring-side of your opponent so as to be between them and the key. A block, steal, or defensive lockdown is a fantastic way to boost teammate grade: it’s not all about scoring points!

Tips To Get You Started

  • Stay awake and wary of screens from the opposition: be sure to get around them and stick to your player.
  • The AI will always want to create mismatches on the court, so step back from a screen and stick to your direct opponent as much as possible.
  • Don’t force steals. If the opportunity is there, try once and that’s it: spamming the steal button will just lead to a reach-in foul and teammate penalty.

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Brandon Millar

Wednesday 28th of December 2016

I put the difficulty on rookie scored 30+ with all A- and up, was drafted 3 to the cetltics.

Master Fenix

Thursday 29th of December 2016

lol nice work. Makes this guide seem pointless lol


Wednesday 21st of September 2016

Ooh....nice, will try out the vertical leap test exploit this arvo.


Good article too, plenty of detail.

Master Fenix

Wednesday 21st of September 2016

It took me like 6 hours lolĀ  [cool]

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