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No Man’s Sky guide: How to add inventory slots and upgrade your exosuit

In a game all about exploration, discovering, trading and money, it’s incredibly important that you have the necessary resources and capacity to hold onto and sell the most lucrative items. As you’ll see in our How To Make Money guide, expanding your exosuit slots to allow you to carry more items is integral to a beefed up wealth, which in turn will allow you to buy more resources to upgrade your ship, weapons and other equipment. It’s just a circle of earning and spending: You have to spend money to make money!

So, with the exosuit being as important as it is in No Man’s Sky, how does one actually upgrade it to hgold more stuff? Hopefully our guide can help you out!


No Man’s Sky: How To Increase Your Inventory Slots

Step 1: Fly across a planet and look out for the question mark markets.

no man's sky increase inventory space

Each planet will have a different variety of locations to explore. Some may have money, others may only have one or two. You should explore all of them.


Step 2: Land your ship and look for the pod.

no man's sky increase inventory

You’ll find the upgrade inside these pod structures, called Drop Pods.

The first upgrade will be free, but every upgrade beyond that will increase in 10k increments (so the second upgrade is 10k units, then 20k units, and so on).

Alternative Method:

  • Look for Signal Scanners, which are boxes that shoot out a long orange beam into the sky.
  • Craft a Bypass Chip using 10 Iron and 10 Plutonium.
  • Hack the Signal Scanner using the Bypass Chip, and choose to search for shelters. This will reveal the location of Drop Pods.

Do you have any tips No Man’s Sky? Sound off in the comments below!

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