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No Man’s Sky guide: How to earn units and make money quickly

Like everything in the universe, No Man’s Sky is fuelled by money, in this case, “units”. Units are pretty important because you’ll need them to upgrade your ship and buy the best equipment, as you’d expect.

There are a number of ways you can earn money fairly quickly in No Man’s Sky, and many of those things involve simply playing the game as was intended: exploring, having fun, and make of the universe what you will!

So, how can you earn money quickly in No Man’s Sky and build up your ship and equipment? Hopefully our tips can help you out.


Discover, Claim and Upload

No Man’s Sky is first and foremost a game about exploration. That means the more you explore and discover, the more the game will reward you. As you travel throughout the universe you’ll discover new planets using the Analysis Visor, including ecosystems, plants, animals and other forms of life. When you find these things, you’ll be about to claim them and name them (if they haven’t been already).

  1. Tag something and name it.
  2. Claim any waypoints you discover.
  3. Press “Option” and upload your discoveries to the game’s Atlas.

Following these steps and uploading your discoveries to the database will net you quick cash. The more you do it and discover, the more profitable your gaming experience will become.


Another one of the core components of No Man’s Sky is mining. Elements that you find can often be used for crafting ship, weapon and equipment upgrades, but the key is to not hold onto anything you don’t need. If you’re holding onto rare stones like Emerile and exotics like Omegon, sell these straight away to free up slots in your exosuit. You can sell anything you find and mine at Space Stations and Trading Posts.

You’ll build up your funds very quickly if you utilise this system and embrace No Man’s Sky‘s trading system. Letting things simply sit in your exosuit will hurt your progression and ruin the experience for you: SELL SELL SELL!

Buy More Exosuit Slots

This ties into the above point. You might be thinking, “How can I make money if I’m buying stuff?” Well, as the old saying goes: “You have to make money to spend money!”

Your exosuit has slots, which allows you to hold things you find. The more slots, the more you can carry, and, evidently, the more you can sell. You can upgrade your exosuit by finding Drop Ponds, which are easily discoverable on planets by using the signal scanners you’ll find scattered around the place. These scanners are easily hackable with Bypass Chips, allowing you to find Drop Pods that house precious exosuit upgrades.


Watch Out For Atlas Stations

Atlas Stones are among the most valuable items in No Man’s Sky. You can find these on Atlas Stations (which are themselves rare). Entering these stations will reward you with an Atlas Stone, which can be sold for an insane amount of credits.

Mine Your Craft

Much like upgrading your exosuit, ensuring you spend money on your mining tools is integral to growing your wealth. The more you can mine, the more you will find, and the more you will sell and earn. Be careful when mining too much, however: disturb an ecosystem on a planet and the sentinels might come after you!

Do you have any tips for earning fast credits in No Man’s Sky? Sound off in the comments below!

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