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Changing your PSN username may soon be possible

One of the more requested features for the PlayStation Network could soon make its way to the platform.

Since the online service’s launch on the PS3 back in 2006, PlayStation fans have been asking Sony for the means to change PSN IDs.

While Xbox users can change their gamertag — free for the first change, $10 thereafter — PS3 and PS4 users have been stick with their same old “Qu1cksc0p3” PSN tag.

psn username change

That may be about to change if what one eagle-eyed NeoGAF member spotted comes to be true.

In patch notes for the recent Unreal Engine 4 update, there are recommendations from Sony engineers to allow for users to change their PSN ID.

As it stands, a user’s identity on the PlayStation Network is tied to their PSN ID and their account ID, which is the roadblock for allowing ID changes.

These recommended changes would allow users to change their PSN ID without their being any changes or issues with their account, trophies and purchases. If someone were to want to change PSN IDs today, they’d have to create a new account: there’s currently no way to transition all of your account’s progress and purchases to another ID.

It would be a welcomed addition that I’m certain many a PS4 gamer would appreciate. My Xbox gamertag was “xXx gaetano xXx” for a long time and if I didn’t have a means to change it, I’d have been a 30-year-old with the gamertag of a trolling 12-year-old.

Do it, Sony!

psn id change

Back in 2014, SCEA President and CEO, Shawn Layden, spoke with IGN about why users couldn’t change their ID.

“…We don’t want to make it so that you can go in, grief a bunch of people in Far Cry, change your avatar, change your username, go into CoD and grief everybody over there. We want to stop that,” he said. “…[We want to do name changing] in a way that’s transparent, but also don’t let people morph themselves, either. And yeah, it’s terrible that you have to make decisions on a service sometimes by optimizing around the bad actor. I hate that we have to do that. So we’re trying to balance that between… the 99 percent of users going to have a good experience, how can we help make that happen without giving one more tool to the bad actor to go in and ruin the experience for others?”

Would you like to be able to change your PSN ID?

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