The Division 2 update: PTS patch notes detail Title Update 3
The Division 2 developer, Massive Entertainment, is constantly working to improve and expand the offering of the open-world online shooter, and the latest update to hit the PTS stands to ready players ahead of Title Update 3. The third big update to come to The Division 2 is being... Read more
The Division 2 patch notes: Huge update brings new endgame content, loot and crafting fixes
The latest update for The Division 2 sees a number of big changes and additions to the game. The endgame mission Tidal Basin lands as part of the update, and comes alongside a host of huge changes that will hopefully expand upon and improve a number of the game’s... Read more
The Division 2 patch notes: Update 1.7 looks at co-op scaling, cooldown issues

Co-op scaling and gear cooldown issues in The Division 2 will be addressed in the next update.

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The Division 2’s endgame hits Tier 5 on April 5

The Division 2 set for endgame update on April 5.

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The Division 2 patch notes: Co-op scaling issue addressed in latest update

The Division 2’s update fixes the game’s co-op scaling issues.

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The Division 2 Exotics Guide: The Full List To The Best Gear

How to find The Division 2’s exotic weapons.

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The Division 2 has a co-op scaling issue

The Division 2’s co-op offering has some scaling issues impacting difficulty and balancing.

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The Division 2 Loadout and Brand Sets Guide: The Best Weapon and Skills For Every Scenario

Trying to figure out The Division 2’s new Brand Sets structure and ideal loadouts? This guide should point you in the right direction.

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The Division 2 patch notes: Update fixes Supply Drop exploit, Skills issue

The latest patch notes for The Division 2 lift the lid on how much the game is changing.

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The Division 2 Skills: The Best For Your Playstyle

Whether you’re going at it solo or with friends, Skills in The Division 2 can make or break the experience for you.

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