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The Division 2 update: PTS patch notes detail Title Update 3

The Division 2 developer, Massive Entertainment, is constantly working to improve and expand the offering of the open-world online shooter, and the latest update to hit the PTS stands to ready players ahead of Title Update 3.

The third big update to come to The Division 2 is being put through its paces on the game’s testing servers, with patch notes detailing a number of key fixes and improvements, namely focusing on bugs, gameplay refinements, as well as some important tidbits regarding the highly anticipated Operation Dark Hours raid.

the division 2 patch notes

“As our development team is quick to adjust to our own data and the feedback players are providing, the Patch Notes will be incomplete for this Phase 2, but we’re striving to have them as complete as they can be for the final release of the Title Update in May,” Ubisoft said.

Operation Dark Hours will be the first ever 8-player raider to come to The Division 2, and will see squads of eight players battle it out in what Ubisoft says is “the most challenging activity available” in the game.

disivison 2 endgame

“Teamwork, collaboration, and adaptation will be necessary to defeat the Black Tusk,” the publisher said.

The patch notes are extensive, but below is a tl;dr version if you wish not to scan through the entire list.


  • Increased the base cap for Receiver Components and Protective Fabric crafting materials by 200, meaning that their caps now start at 350 and end at 600 with all material capacity perks.
  • Inaya al-Khaliq in the Base of Operation is now a Crafting Vendor, she can be found next to the Crafting Bench in the White House.
  • Crafted Exotic weapons will now always upgrade to the maximum Gear Score of the World Tier they are crafted in, when the Upgrade Blueprint is used.


  • Gear will now include better defensive rolls.
the division 2 patch notes


  • Loot containers will now reset at a preset time of day.
  • Increased ammunition drop chance from enemy NPCs to decrease situations where players would run out of ammunition during prolonged fights on higher difficulty activities.


  • XP from Bounties has been increased.
  • All Settlement Weekly Projects now award blueprints.
  • Added a new daily Crafting Project that awards blueprints.
  • Increased the quality of Weekly Project equipment rewards.
the division 2 patch notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where NPCs in the Bounty screen had broken animations.
  • Fixed an issue where players on PlayStation 4 were unable to complete the Big Game Hunter commendation.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from completing the Side Mission Medical Camp Attack.
  • Fixed an issue where armor values on AI in the Dark Zone scaled incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sniper Turret would aim at targets out of line of sight in PvP.
  • Fixed an issue where Scanner Pulse and Remote Pulse were not properly affected by Skill Duration.
  • Fixed various issues where Skill bonuses were not applied properly.
  • Fixed an issue where bounties rewarded from Projects in Settlements were rewarding the wrong amount of XP and Credits.
  • Fixed an issue where Clan Cashes would scale incorrectly when opened in another player’s lower level session.
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