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The Division 2 Exotics Guide: The Full List To The Best Gear

With The Division 2 dominating sales charts, and hitting the right note among gamers and critics alike, it’s time to start diving a little deeper into what’s on offer in the game’s ravaged world, including the powerful “best-of-the-best” in the way of exotic guns.

There’s no shortage of weaponry scattered across the world in The Division 2, and significant changes to both the looting system, co-op scaling, and just general rarity of weapons and gear will no doubt change the way you approach your loadout structure.

division 2 exotics list

With that shift in focus should come an interest in exotics, undoubtedly the game’s best-of-the-best when it comes to guns.

Given the sheer rarity, significance and influence of these exotic weapons, they’re not easy to acquire, and you’ve no doubt watched countless videos, come across many a guide and seen people chatter about finding these exotic weapons scattered across the world in The Division 2.

Lullaby Shotgun

How To Unlock: Pre-order bonus only


  • 2.1k Damage
  • 70 RPM
  • 5.4 second reload

Merciless Assault Rifle

How To Unlock: Play the Jefferson Trade Centre mission (any difficulty). It drops at random, you’ll need to replay the mission until you get it.


  • 16.6k Damage
  • 260RPM
  • 2.5 second reload
division 2 exotics list

Kendra’s Liberty

How To Unlock: There’s a bit to this one, thanks to the folks at Game Rant for putting together the guide.

  • Step 1: Complete the Capitol Building Stronghold mission
  • Step 2: After encountering Kendra, grab the Pistol: Trigger & Mechanism items
  • Step 3: Complete the American History Museum; Viewpoint Museum; and Space Administration HQ mission (in that order), and collect the the Pistol: Receiver & Sight (dropped by Captain Briggs), Pistol: Sight & Rail (Staff Sergeant Carl Wade), Pistol: Grip & Tags (Master Sergeant Steve “Junior” Quiroz) respectively from completing those mission.
  • Step 4: Find the following materials: 15 Carbon Fiber; 19 Polycarbonate; 45 Receiver Components; D50 High End Pistol
  • Step 5: Craft the exotic


  • 21k Damage
  • 150RPM

Ruthless Assault Rifle

How To Unlock: Pre-order bonus only


  • 300K Damage
  • 260 RPM
division 2 exotics list

Chatterbox SMG

How To Unlock: You’ll need to find all Hyena Keys in order to craft this weapon


  • 8.2k Damage
  • 700 RPM

Sweet Dreams Shotgun

How To Unlock: At the Roosevelt stronghold, higher difficulties tend to increase the droprate


  • 103.8k Damage
  • 70 RPM
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