Quantum Break’s hilarious PC mishap: Unregistered FRAPS watermark appears in cutscene

While the Steam release has made for a more stable PC offering of the time-bending action game, the release has been marred by a hilarious mishap.

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Quantum Break concludes the failed TV show/game cross-over experiment
We won’t see another videogame and TV show crossover, at least not as intrinsically connected as Quantum Break. The fact of the matter is it doesn’t work as it was sold. Read more
Quantum Break takes on a tough balancing act that’s ahead of its time
So the reviews are in for Remedy’s Quantum Break, and they’re pretty divided. There are some really great ideas here, and from a storytelling perspective, while it often crumbles on the back of its own intense sense of self-importance, is really ambitious and absorbing. Remedy is actually really good... Read more
Quantum Break All Collectibles Location Guide
NEXT PAGE: Quantum Break Collectibles Guide ACT 2 Quantum Break Collectibles are scattered throughout Remedy’s exciting new time-bending adventure game. Each Act, generally compromising of 3-5 Parts, has many hidden narrative elements, intel pieces, “Quantum Ripples” and “Chronon Sources” to be found throughout the levels. This guide will help... Read more
Quantum Break Guide: Every Alan Wake Easter Egg
Remedy’s Quantum Break is an ode to the studio’s Max Payne days, but there’s certainly no lack of Alan Wake Easter eggs scattered throughout the game world. Here’s how to find every one of them. Read more