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Quantum Break’s hilarious PC mishap: Unregistered FRAPS watermark appears in cutscene

Remedy’s Quantum Break received mixed reviews upon release on Xbox One earlier this year, and its PC release has been stained by technical issues. It was finally released on Steam a few days ago, and while the response has been similarly mixed, its compatibility with DirectX 11 has seen noticeable improvement in performance.

Unfortunately, while the Steam release has made for a more stable PC offering of the time-bending action game, the release has been marred by a hilarious mishap.

Noticed by YouTuber Piotr Swat, a cutscene towards the end of the game has a FRAPS watermark. FRAPS is recording software, and users without a registered copy of the product have a branded watermark of the company’s website appear on their videos.


As such, it’s clear that the folks at Remedy, despite being one of the more acclaimed and innovative game developers in the industry, didn’t use the full version to record the game’s final moments. You can see at around the 25:22 mark in the video below, there’s a small watermark appear centre-top for a few seconds.



The folks over at wccftech reached out to Remedy to verify the video, because it’s almost too big of a mishap to be legit. Unfortunately for Remedy, it was an error that should never have happened. Here’s what Remedy’s head of communications, Thomas Puha, had to say about it:

Quantum Break is now available for Windows 10 PC, with the Steam version having launched last week. 

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