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Quantum Break All Collectibles Location Guide

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quantum break collectibles guide

Quantum Break Collectibles are scattered throughout Remedy’s exciting new time-bending adventure game. Each Act, generally compromising of 3-5 Parts, has many hidden narrative elements, intel pieces, “Quantum Ripples” and “Chronon Sources” to be found throughout the levels. This guide will help you find each across each episode.

NOTE: This guide will reveal the locations of every collectible in the game in order as they appear throughout a level. If you follow the guide as is explained, you should have no issues finding each and every hidden collectible.




Chronon Sources 0
Intel 0
Collectibles 14
Quantum Ripples 0


As you begin you’ll find yourself in the college courtyard. Here is where you can find a number of collectibles in this level.

Collectible No.1

When Jack first exits the cab, look around for a campus map. Interact with it to earn the game’s very first collectible.

quantum break collectibles guide

After this, head up towards the archway. This will set off a phone call to Jack.


Collectible No.2

Approach the “Join The Protest” table and interact with it to unlock the second collectible.


Follow the archway into the courtyard.


Collectible No.3

There is a posted board with posters reading “Stop Monarch Problems”. This is where you’ll find the third collectible.


Move towards the central statue.


Collectible No.4

There is a radio on a chair next to the “Please Go Around” sign. That’s the fourth collectible.


Move to the left of the statue and approach the student protest setup.


Collectible No.5

There is a timeline poster of “Monarch problems”. This is where you’ll find the fifth collectible.



Collectible No.6

Move into the tent and activate the television to obtain the sixth collectible.


Follow the path around to the lower left corner of the courtyard to a giant memorial in front of the main building entrance.


Collectible No.7 & No.8

There is a memorial article about Doctor Kim. Interact with it for the seventh collectible. There is also a Paul Serene focus article for the eight collectible.


Move inside the building.


Collectibles No.9

Inside the main reception area, engage with the laptop for the eight collectible, then move through to the “Research Center” to the far back wall to find a second Paul Serene focus article and the ninth collectible.



Collectible No.10

Take a sit in the front row of the projector screen room to earn the tenth collectible.



Collectible No.11 & No.12

Follow Paul into the lab and into his office to find a picture (No.11) and a laptop (No.12).



Collectible No.13 & No. 14

Look for a tablet on a table for the thirteenth collectible. Look for pinboard for the fourteenth collectible.



Chronon Sources 0
Intel 0
Collectibles 3
Quantum Ripples 1


Follow Will around until, avoiding enemies, until you shimmy through a small space through the server room.

Collectible No.1

As you exit the tight space, search around the room to find the first collectible at the desktop computer.


Quantum Ripple

As you move through the area, Jack will have to slam open a door, at which point you’ll engage enemies with weapons for the first time. Take them out, and search for the whiteboard in the far top right corner of the room. That’s where you’ll find the first Quantum Ripple.


Collectible No.2

Once you take out all of the guard and move out into the bricked lobby area, and before you get into the elevator, move to the back of the area to find a tablet containing collectible no.2


Collectible No.3

After you take the elevator up and move through the frozen soldiers, search around the find a tablet with an email on display.

quantum break collectibles guide


Chronon Sources 0
Intel 0
Collectibles 1
Quantum Ripples 0


Collectible No.1

You’ll need to work your way through quite a bit of the level before you reach the one and only collectible in this part. It’s locked outside, to the left of the library, over the fence. It’s the radio.

quantum break collectibles guide

Junction 1

Chronon Sources 0
Intel 0
Collectibles 2
Quantum Ripples 1


Quantum Ripple, Collectibles 1 & 2

The quantum ripple is located on some cardboard boxes, next to a truck. As you continue to walk straight you’ll notice the collectibles along his right side, scattered amongst the trucks and dossiers.

quantum break collectibles guide quantum break collectibles guide quantum break collectibles guide


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