Pokemon GO hysteria: 6 facts that will blow your mind

There’s no doubt that Pokemon GO and the hysteria surrounding it will go down in the history books. No app, game, meme or celebrity outburst in the past decade has generated as much engagement and online chatter as Pokemon GO has. It’s completely insane.

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Pokemon GO XP boosting and grinding guide

The trek to total gym domination in Pokemon GO is a long one. It can take days or even weeks to reach the level required to take down a gym from an opposing team. Thankfully, there are ways to “cheat” the system by boosting your character and quickly levelling up your XP.

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Pokemon GO battery saver tips
If you, like the millions of Pokemon GO trainers out there, are having issues preserving battery life on your smartphone, there are ways to ensure you can play the year’s biggest game while also keeping your smartphone alive and active. Being an Augmented Reality game (AR), Pokemon GO has a... Read more
Pokemon GO – How To Get Pikachu guide
By now you’ve surely got caught up in the hysteria surrounding Pokemon GO. If you haven’t, well, I applaud you for not jumping into what is one of the biggest video games and apps of the modern digital era! Kudos to you for steering clear of the juggernaut. If... Read more
Google account breach: Pokemon GO has full access, so make sure you revoke it

It’s been Pokemania the past few days. Developer Niantic and Nintendo are onto a winner with Pokemon GO, but the launch has not been without its issues. From server breakdowns to app crashes, the year’s most popular game is suddenly buckling under the weight of its own hype.

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Pokemon GO Guide: How To basics, battling, gyms, and common issues
Pokemon GO has exploded. It hit Australia first and slowly spread across the globe, and is now dominating news reports with both feel-good stories and your standard “THE POKEMONZ IS DESTROYING OUR HUMANITY!” stories. It’s a little hard not to get caught up in the hysteria. If you haven’t... Read more
Pokemon GO Data usage: How much you’ll use, and how to limit it
Pokemon GO is the newest craze to hit smartphones, having seemingly reignited the app market and certainly put Pokemon back on the mainstream map. Everyone’s playing it, and there’s a similar sense of interest and awareness among the non-gaming crowd. Nintendo sure does know how to get people active and... Read more
Pokemon Go How To Battle guide

Playing Pokemon GO? Of course you are! By now you probably know that you can pit your creatures against others at any Pokemon Gym around the place. But don’t worry: we know you’re struggling. Everyone does to start. Our guide will help you figure out the basics of battling and hittin’ the gym to earn PokeCoins and strive for glory!

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Pokemon Go – How To Find And Catch Pokemon
If you fancy yourself as a masterful tracker, Pokemon GO will really put your skills to the rest. Tracking Pokemon is one thing, but actually catching them is a different situation all together. The primary goal of Pokemon GO is to get outside to investigate and explore the world:... Read more
Pokemon GO Tips to get you started
Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm. Rarely does a mobile app generate as much attention as this game has, and we’ve even seen hundreds if not thousands of people meeting up in public spaces to search together. If you’re still trying to find a comfort zone and... Read more