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Pokemon GO battery saver tips

If you, like the millions of Pokemon GO trainers out there, are having issues preserving battery life on your smartphone, there are ways to ensure you can play the year’s biggest game while also keeping your smartphone alive and active.

Being an Augmented Reality game (AR), Pokemon GO has a tendency to chew through battery and data. This is because your GPS location is constantly being tracked.

Fortunately, there are ways to limit this and keep your phone battery on for longer.



Pokemon GO battery saver tips

Lower Your Screen Brightness

Most smartphones can save considerable battery power by simply putting the screen brightness down.

On iPhone, go to “Settings”, “Display & Brightness”, and then drag the slider to the left to reduce it. On Android, drag the top-down menu by sliding your finger down the screen from the top, then move the bright slider to the left.


Close All Other Apps

This goes without saying: apps use data and power, particularly those that rely on location tracking and streaming. Spotify, Pandora, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple Maps should all be shut down.


Lower The Volume, And Don’t Use Headphones

This is probably less of an issue than the above, but it will still help preserve battery. High volume and listening through headphones drains precious battery life, so turn the volume down to low. Do you really need to hear the game, anyway? You’re outside, after all!


Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Pokemon GO only requires AR, unless you’re using a local Wi-Fi network. The issue is that Wi-Fi is constantly searching for new access points, as is Bluetooth. This drains your battery, so unless you have unlimited free Wi-Fi, it’s best just to turn them off.


Buy An External Battery For Long Trips

You can get really powerful and long-lasting external phone charges for long trips. If you’re about to embark on a long trek, be sure to have either a backup battery, or an external charger. Most external charges can charge any electronic item through USB.

Got any Pokemon GO power saving tips? Tell us in the comments below!

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