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Pokemon Go – How To Find And Catch Pokemon

If you fancy yourself as a masterful tracker, Pokemon GO will really put your skills to the rest.

Tracking Pokemon is one thing, but actually catching them is a different situation all together. The primary goal of Pokemon GO is to get outside to investigate and explore the world: you won’t be catching anything if you’re stuck inside all day.

Investigate the world, and click the lower-right bar to see a list of nearby Pokemon profiles. The distance from you is indicated by sets of footprints: the more footprints, the further away the Pokemon is from you. Three footprints means the Pokemon is far away, while no footprints means you’re essentially on top of it.

Pokemon GO Guides

Bare in mind that Pokemon spawns in the same spot for everyone, so if you’re looking for Pokemon and trying to close in on its location, keep an eye out for a big group of people all standing around and staring into their phones.

You could use Incense to lure a Pokemon to you. Incense is an in-game item that can be purchased from the Store for 80 PokeCoins, or 500 PokeCoins for 8. Here’s the breakdown of in-game currency prices:

$1.49 AUD for 100 Pokécoins

$7.99 AUD for 550 Pokécoins

$14.99 AUD for 1,200 Pokécoins

$30.99 AUD for 2,500 Pokécoins

$62.99 AUD for 5,200 Pokécoins

$159.99 AUD for 14,500 Pokécoins.

Once you reach level 5, you’ll find Incense inside PokeStops. Using Incense will actually affect all nearby players, although you’ll still be more likely to find uncommon and rare Pokemon.

Once you’ve found a Pokemon, it will appear on the map. Tap on the icon to initiate the capture sequence, which is considerably different than the capturing sequence in past Pokemon games. You’ll need to throw Pokeballs at the Pokemon to catch it, as opposed to battling it with Pokemon you already have.

If you have AR enabled on your smartphone, be sure to keep the Pokemon centred at all times. Keep your phone still, and use a gentle swipe in a straight line toward the Pokemon to catch it. You need to time the throw so that the green ring (easy to capture) around the Pokemon and the Pokeball meet each other at the smallest point. A yellow ring means the Pokemon is more difficult to capture, while a red ring means it’s very difficult. Your Combat Power (CP) and Trainer Level all dictate your capacity to capture a Pokemon. You can choose not to use the AR, which actually makes capturing the Pokemon easier, although losing a connection may cause you to lose track of the Pokemon.

If you’re running low on Poke Balls, visit PokeStops to get more, or simply buy some from the Shop.

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