The 10 best Overwatch Workshop ideas, from Gun Game to Smash Bros

The latest game mode from Blizzard promises to redefine the shooter: here’s the 10 craziest and best Overwatch Workshop ideas.

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Overwatch third person is now a thing thanks to the Workshop

Overwatch third person may not have been high on player wishlists, but thanks to the Workshop, it’s now a fascinating reality.

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Overwatch Workshop: The best thing to happen to the game since launch

Overwatch Workshop adds some much needed excitement to the experience, and its release on PC, Xbox One and PS4 is an exciting one for fans.

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Overwatch patch notes: PTR update 2.63 adds Havana map, Genji bug fixes

The latest PTR patch notes for Overwatch detail the addition of the game’s latest escort map, Havana, as well as bug fixes for Genji.

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Overwatch patch notes: Storm Rising update buffs Junkrat, Reaper

The latest patch notes for Overwatch detailssignificant changes in the latest update, as Storm Rising kicks off the Archives 2019 event.

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Overwatch Archives: Every Uprising, Retribution and Storm Rising Skin

Overwatch Storm Rising launches April 16, so let’s take a look at all of the skins available from Archives 2019, Uprising, and Retribution.

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Overwatch: Baptiste’s first Storm Rising skin has been unveiled
The next Overwatch event in Storm Rising stands to be yet another fascinating insight into the relationship between our heroes and the Talon terrorist organisation. Such is the case with all Overwatch Archives events, we can expect some pretty awesome skins to be released alongside the PvE extravaganza. We’ve... Read more
Racist Overwatch player’s bizarre rant prompts Blizzard action
Blizzard may be constantly working to stamp out toxicity in Overwatch — and may perhaps set a standard for the rest of the industry — but the unfortunate reality is that nasty people exist, and it’s impossible to stop vile players at the gates before the fact. That means... Read more
Overwatch Storm Rising skins point to Bastion, Baptiste

Overwatch’s next Archives event, Storm Rising, will get nine new skins, and the latest leak lifts the lid on the heroes set for new outfits.

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Overwatch Storm Rising Skins, Release Date, And Everything Else You Need To Know

Everything we know about the latest Archives event for Overwatch, including the release date, location, and possible legendary skins.

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