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Overwatch 2 beta and possible release set for Blizzcon 2021

It’s been a long and somewhat frustrating road for Overwatch fans as of late, and the current state of the world has undoubtedly had an additional impact upon the development of Overwatch 2, not to mention other AAA blockbuster releases.

That’s not to say that we would likely have seen more of or even seen Overwatch 2 in action by now had the world not been flung into chaos — although you’d think it likely would have been — but regardless of the current state of the game, we’re bound to have to wait even longer before hearing or seeing anything else.

overwatch 2 release date

What shape the game will be in when we do finally get a new Overwatch 2 insight is anyone’s guess, but it was surely set to be unearthed at Blizzcon 2020. Unfortunately that event has been effectively cancelled, with an early-2021 “digital” event now planned for.

You would have to think that Blizzard would be aiming to push the event as far into the first quarter of 2021 as possible, so my bets are on a March 2021 showing for Blizzcon, and thus, a March 2021 showing for Overwatch 2.

overwatch 2 release date

This prediction comes off the back of comments made by streamer Metro on Twitter, a well-known Overwatch and Blizzard leaker that has revealed accurate leaks related to Overwatch 2. This time around, he says that the next Overwatch 2 content we’ll see will indeed be at Blizzon 2021.

“The next OW 2 content we will get to see is gonna be at Blizzcon 2021, which is confirmed as digital event early next year,” they said on Twitter.

overwatch 2 release date

“It is likely that we will get a release or at least beta with that showcase. First quarter of 2021 guys!”

That’s unsurprising, kind of exciting, but also frustrating given we’re likely still seven months — at least — away from playing Overwatch 2. But, understandable given the current global climate.

overwatch 2 release date

During a recent stream on Twitch, they predicted that Blizzard had initially intended for the game to be released this year, but that it was delayed for obvious reasons.

Additionally, they said that they were “95%” certain that Blizzcon would bring with it an Overwatch 2 beta at the least, and potentially even a full release, which would be awesome.

Fingers crossed for an epic unveiling and release just as Blizzcon 2021 kicks off!

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