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Overwatch patch notes brings the ban hammer on Competitive leavers and quitters

It’s probably three years too late, but Overwatch fans now finally have a much firmer and harsher penalty for leavers and quitters in Competitive Play.

As it stood before the most recent patch landed, an early leaver is slapped with an automatic loss, as well as a temporary ban. However, there is a suggestion that a season long ban may now be in place from Overwatch season 24 onwards.

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From now on, if you leave an Overwatch competitive game early, the rate at which you’re likely to receive a season ban has been increase: leave multiple times and you’ll be kicked from Competitive Play for a few months.

For anyone that’s played Overwatch before, this is a huge deal. Players that accidentally quit or lose service connection have a limited period of time to return without receiving a penalty, but those that do leave maliciously probably aren’t punished hard enough. Particularly for good players who can easily work their SR back, the current penalty range simply isn’t harsh enough.

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I’ve lose count of the number of times we’ve been struggling albeit still close to winning, but someone has rage-quit because they can’t handle the heat or the strain of the contest.

There’s a few other neat additions in the latest Overwatch update: Competitive 3v3 Lockout Elimination has restarted with a new season, and if you haven’t yet tried this competitive tier out it’s well worth your time. It’s perhaps the easiest mode to crack into the Top 500 on, although on console the wait times can be a bit of a downer, so pick peak playing times for your region (typically late afternoon, early evening, and weekends).

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The update also sees some changes to the Workshop, with players now able to further tweak and feed their creative urges by making hero sizes larger than normal. Expect some new custom game modes of, erm, GIANT proportions (I’m here all week!).

Check out the full patch notes below.


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Competitive 3v3 Lockout Elimination

  • Season 3 of Competitive 3v3 Lockout Elimination has begun!

Ranked Leaver Penalty Adjustment

  • Adjusted ranked leaver penalties. Penalties are now more severe and will lead to a season ban more quickly


  • The valid range for numbers stored in variables and used in mathematical expressions has been increased

New Action

  • Start Scaling Players
  • Stop Scaling Players
  • Start Scaling Barriers
  • Stop Scaling Barriers

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Developer Comments: We’re pleased to bring you the ability to scale players to very small and very large sizes, but it comes with one notable caveat: Scaling players to very large sizes and moving them into spaces where they don’t easily fit can impact server load and potentially cause your instance to shut down. There are two ways to mitigate this: First, you can choose one of the Workshop maps. These are designed for experimentation and can accommodate very large players. Second, you can use the “Disable Movement Collision With Environment” action. This will cause the player to pass through walls and ceilings, though the player can still stand on floors if the “Include Floors” option is set to False. (Collision with floors does not have the same server load implications.) When in doubt, you can display the Server Load values in the HUD in order to determine how scaling is affecting server load.

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  • Fixed a bug that caused training bots to not display buffs and debuffs on their health bars
  • Fixed a bug in Deathmatch that caused the Defeat string to potentially display for the winning player on the Victory screen
  • Fixed a bug that caused ping icons above player heads to subtly shake infrequently
  • Fixed a bug that caused placeable objects to clip into level geometry on specific maps
  • Fixed a bug in Career Profile that caused some UI elements within the Achievements tab to not display correctly
  • Fixed a bug with the Overwatch League Replay Viewer that caused incorrect team names to display
  • Fixed a bug that caused group invites to not appear properly if the invitation was sent to a friend logging into the game
  • Fixed a bug in Mystery Heroes that caused the Games Played statistic to not increment properly when backfilling and losing a match
  • Fixed a bug that caused inconsistent hitbox placement for heroes that are frozen while moving

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Blizzard World

  • Fixed a bug that caused some voice over sounds to not playback properly in the Nexus Experience location


  • Fixed a bug that exposed a small gap in level geometry that allowed certain heroes to escape the map

Route 66

  • Fixed a bug that exposed a small gap in level geometry that allowed players to shoot through it

Temple of Anubis

  • Fixed a bug with level geometry that allowed players to stand on top of an unintended location

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  • Fixed a bug with the Vacation highlight intro not animating properly


  • Fixed a bug with the Feskarn skin that caused an element of Brigitte’s shield to float into the air during emotes


  • Fixed a bug that caused primary attack sounds to play at a high volume


  • Fixed a bug with the Sitting victory pose not displaying properly


  • Fixed a bug that caused players hit by Echo’s Focusing Beam to not hear the attack sound


  • Fixed a bug where canceling Genji’s Dragonblade swings to Swift Strike could cause inconsistent application of damage at certain latencies
  • Fixed a bug where Genji would not move forward if using Swift Strike while aiming at a wall close in front of him
  • Fixed a bug where Genji could sometimes not immediately look around at the end of Swift Strike, which happened more often when dashing towards a wall or ground
  • Fixed a bug that caused Swift Strike to sometimes incorrectly display visual hit indicators


  • Fixed a bug that caused Ice Wall to break when in close proximity to Cryo-Freeze
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Ice Wall from moving when placed on the moving fan in Junkertown


  • Fixed a bug with the Medal victory pose not displaying properly
  • Fixed a bug with Halt! that caused tether functionality to break when attempting to pull at max range


  • Fixed a bug that caused the sound for rockets rotating on the ammo clip to not playback properly
  • Fixed a bug with the Barrage highlight intro not animating correctly if the Lifeguard skin is equipped


  • Fixed a bug that could cause Reinhardt’s shield to emerge at an angle exposing him to enemy attacks


  • Fixed a bug that caused Sombra to not be healed by the payload under specific circumstances


  • Fixed a bug that allowed Tracer to Blink into unintended areas in Temple of Anubis

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  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to enter an endless match restart cycle if too many of certain actions were executed immediately on match start
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to lose their bodies altogether when the “Start Forcing Player To Be Hero” action was combined with Control maps or the “Spawn As Random Hero” setting
  • Fixed a bug preventing automatic reloads from being disabled when disabling reloading via Workshop
  • Fixed a bug preventing D.Va from properly handling ammo/reload related actions/values when out of mech
  • Fixed a bug where strings with unicode characters could be trimmed incorrectly when copy-pasting
  • Fixed a bug where certain values failed to export from inspector when copying as action text
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues with third person spectating when scaling
  • Fixed a bug that caused McCree’s Flashbang to not hit targets when scaled up to 20 times
  • Fixed a bug that caused air and ground movement speeds to differ when setting a character’s movement speed to very slow
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