Ratchet & Clank: 10 interesting franchise facts and quirky Easter Eggs
Ratchet & Clank makes its long-awaited debut on PlayStation 4 on April 20. To celebrate the game’s release, we’ve looked back over the adventurous duo’s history, and developer Insomniac Games’ cheeky knack for subtle and not-so-subtle Easter Eggs and hidden cheats. Read more
The Weekly Wrap Up #1

The Weekly Wrap Up #1

News April 9, 2016 4

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap up where host Ritchie Plunkett (RSOP on the forums) will be capturing the moments from the Gaming, Tech and Film world and here on Fenix Bazaar. Read more
Top Selling Games In Australia For Week Ending April 3
Check out the top-selling games in Australia for the week ending April 3, 2016. Read more
Rogue One trailer – Everything We Learned (Or Have Questions About)
The first trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story landed late last night, and with it comes plenty of hype, intrigue and chatter about the film’s premise, its characters, and how it ties into A New Hope (apart from the obvious “steal the plans to the Death Star”... Read more
Quantum Break takes on a tough balancing act that’s ahead of its time
So the reviews are in for Remedy’s Quantum Break, and they’re pretty divided. There are some really great ideas here, and from a storytelling perspective, while it often crumbles on the back of its own intense sense of self-importance, is really ambitious and absorbing. Remedy is actually really good... Read more
Quantum Break All Collectibles Location Guide
NEXT PAGE: Quantum Break Collectibles Guide ACT 2 Quantum Break Collectibles are scattered throughout Remedy’s exciting new time-bending adventure game. Each Act, generally compromising of 3-5 Parts, has many hidden narrative elements, intel pieces, “Quantum Ripples” and “Chronon Sources” to be found throughout the levels. This guide will help... Read more
Quantum Break Guide: Every Alan Wake Easter Egg
Remedy’s Quantum Break is an ode to the studio’s Max Payne days, but there’s certainly no lack of Alan Wake Easter eggs scattered throughout the game world. Here’s how to find every one of them. Read more
IKEA VR is here to put an end to frustrating weekend furniture shopping
The idea of a Saturday afternoon at IKEA is enough to send any single person or childless couple screaming for the exit. I was there just this past weekend and am still shocked by the willingness of people to turn a trip to the furniture warehouse into some sort... Read more
What is ‘Xbox neXt’? New project spotted on resume
What is ‘Xbox neXt’, and why is it on the resume of a lead designer from Microsoft? Read more
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End looks just as amazing as we all thought it would
It’s been a long time coming, but these latest Uncharted 4 screenshots are sure to get the hype train up and going ahead of Naughty Dog’s latest adventure. Read more