Super Mario Run jumps over Pokemon Go’s day-one downloads record

Super Mario Run turned out to be just as much of a mobile gaming juggernaut as we all expected it to be.

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Super Mario Run download size revealed

While those of us outside the US are waiting for release time confirmation — we just don’t know when the game will be released on the App Store — there is plenty we do know about Nintendo’s first foray into mobile gaming, including pricing, gameplay, and, now, download size.

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What time does Super Mario Run launch in Australia and other regions?

Super Mario Run stands to be one of the year’s biggest games, and certainly one of the biggest mobile games of the year. So, what time does Super Mario Run launch in your region?

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There’s no doubt about it: Super Mario Run is going to take the world by storm

Super Mario Run is poised to be Nintendo’s second big mobile game of 2016.

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Super Mario Run price, compatibility and microtransactions: Everything You Need To Know

Super Mario Run is about to take the world by storm. Here’s everything you need to know leading into launch.

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Super Mario Run price and release date announced

Everyone’s favourite plumber’s first adventure on iOS will launch next month, and it’s sure to generate as much if not more hype than Pokemon Go did.

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Super Mario is finally coming to iPhone (and Android eventually)
Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto shocked the world Thursday when he took to the stage during the latest Apple event to reveal Super Mario Run for iOS. As the first Nintendo title to appear on smartphones that isn’t a social-focused app, Super Mario Run is sure to prove popular as... Read more