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What time does Super Mario Run launch in Australia and other regions?

Last Updated: 10pm AEST, December 15

Super Mario Run stands to be one of the year’s biggest games, and certainly one of the biggest mobile games of the year.

Fans have been waiting for the December 15 launch day to come around, except few people know exactly when they’ll be able to play the highly anticipated mobile title from Nintendo.

So, what time does Super Mario Run launch in your region?

super mario run release time

This is hard to tell, as the game doesn’t actually have a release date on its app profile in Australia.

We know that it will definitely be launching on December 15 in the US, Pacific Standard Time (PST) to be precise.

Generally, if an app has a local release date, it will show that on the App Store.

If it doesn’t, that means it’s subject to US launch times. However, it’s hopeful that it will release in Australia, New Zealand and Japan before other regions. At this stage, however, it appears unlikely that this will happen.

super mario run release time

I’ve reached out to Nintendo and Apple for launch times: Apple says release date times weren’t available. Read on to see Nintendo’s statement.

If the release is subject to the US launch, it could hit the App Store any time between 3am EST and 12pm EST, which would make it between 7pm on December 15 AEST, and 5am on December 16 AEST.

super mario run release time


UPDATE: Nintendo Australia says there is “no announcement on the exact launch timing in Australia”, and that it will launch “On December 15 Pacific Time”. 

That means that the game could launch at any time. It’s expected that Super Mario Run will hit the App Store on the East Coast at around 10am, December 15, or 7am PST. That would put launch in Australia at around 2am AEST, on December 16.

The embargo for all review coverage lifts at 5am AEST on December 16, which would put the PST launch at 10am on December 15.

NOTE: All times below are estimates

Australia (amended): 10pm AEST (December 15) – 5am AEST (December 16)

New Zealand: 12am (December 16) – 7am (December 16)

US East Coast: 3am-10am EST

US West Coast: 12am-7am PST

Europe: 9am-2pm GMT

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Thursday 15th of December 2016

[…] What time does Super Mario Run launch in Australia and other regions? December 15, 2016 […]


Thursday 15th of December 2016

Im sad cos my little boy wants it on his iPad while my little girl wants it her her tablet... So I will have to buy it twice  [cry]  [cry]  [cry]


Friday 16th of December 2016

If both devices are connected to the same account you only need to buy it once

Master Fenix

Thursday 15th of December 2016

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