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Super Mario is finally coming to iPhone (and Android eventually)

Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto shocked the world Thursday when he took to the stage during the latest Apple event to reveal Super Mario Run for iOS.

As the first Nintendo title to appear on smartphones that isn’t a social-focused app, Super Mario Run is sure to prove popular as the company makes the transition to mobile devices.

Set to hit iOS in December, the game will be free in portions, but the full game will come at a set price to be announced closer to release.

As you can see in the trailer below, Super Mario Run offers some of the traditional and beloved Mario platforming gameplay. It’s an endless runner, meaning you have less control over Mario than you might be used to, but you’ll be able to power his jumps and guide him through levels using your device’s touchscreen.



Super Mario Run will also feature a battle mode called “Toad Rally”, in which players try to beat others to climb the leaderboards.

The game is scheduled to hit Android “at some point in the future”, a spokesperson told Kotaku.

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