Battlefield 1 has already fallen victim to hackers

It’s not even out yet, but Battlefield 1 appears to already be plagued by hackers. DICE’s WW1 shooter is currently playable for EA Access members, as well as Origin Access members on PC. Despite its scattered release for paid-up subscribers online, the game already has a divisive community, splintered by hackers who intend on ruining the experience for everyone else.

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Battlefield 1 server rentals now available through in-game store

The publisher is taking the service to new heights with Battlefield 1, allowing players to rent a server directly through an in-game store.

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Battlefield 4 DLC is completely free for a limited time

Just ahead of the release of Battlefield 1 on October 21, DICE and EA have made all of the DLC for 2013’s Battlefield 4 completely free.

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Battlefield 1’s destruction is ‘more intuitive and natural’, says DICE

DICE is returning to the series with Battlefield 1, but this time, “Levolution” is nowhere to be seen (or heard of). It’s no longer being used as the marketing term it was for Battlefield 4. Instead, the studio is looking to focus more on player-initiated destruction, rather than a specific philosophy centred around explicitly scripting how a map is landscaped.

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Battlefield 1: WWI provided a ‘treasure chest to take from’, says DICE

Battlefield 1’s WWI setting was met with intrigue and plenty of raised eyebrows when EA and DICE lifted the lid on the shooter back in May. So why did DICE go down that path?

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Battlefield 1 interview: DICE talks about the challenges in creating a WWI shooter

I sat down with DICE’s Robert Sammelin to talk about Battlefield 1’s setting, how it changes gameplay, and the direction the studio is taking the Battlefield franchise.

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Battlefield 1 vehicle details: DICE talks Dogfighting, planes and tanks
Battlefield 1 was one of the standouts out of E3, with many in attendance who saw and played the game saying it’s the change the Battlefield series needs. With the series’ transition to a relatively untouched era in World War I, developer DICE has a challenge on its hands... Read more
With Titanfall 2 and Infinite Warfare adding to the sci-fi pile, Battlefield 1 is a refreshing retreat
Battlefield 1‘s multiplayer gameplay paints a refreshing picture of explosive action that needn’t rely on jet-pack boosting futurism. MORE BATTLEFIELD 1 Battlefield 1 weapon classes: ‘More specialized’ weapons and no attachments keep Battlefield 1’s realism in check Battlefield 1 campaign: DICE taking a ‘different approach’ Battlefield 1 World War I setting: ‘It’s... Read more
Battlefield 1 weapon classes: ‘More specialized’ weapons and no attachments keep Battlefield 1’s realism in check
There have been plenty of questions surrounding DICE’s decision to go with a World War I setting for Battlefield 1, but gamers should be comforted by the idea that the game hopes to offer as realistic an interpretation of the era as possible. MORE BATTLEFIELD 1 Battlefield 1 campaign: DICE... Read more
Will Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 eat into each other’s audience? Not a chance, says EA
There are concerns that Titanfall 2‘s release alongside Battlefield 1 might lead to market “cannibalisation” between the two, but EA is confident the market has enough room for two blockbuster shooters from the same publisher. Read more