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Battlefield 1 vehicle details: DICE talks Dogfighting, planes and tanks

Battlefield 1 was one of the standouts out of E3, with many in attendance who saw and played the game saying it’s the change the Battlefield series needs. With the series’ transition to a relatively untouched era in World War I, developer DICE has a challenge on its hands to offer an engaging and action-packed experience that matches the technological offerings of the time.


In a recent interview with YouTuber PonyLionHD, senior designer Patrick O’Shaughnessy detailed some juicy new tidbits about Battlefield 1‘s vehicles, namely how planes engage in dogfighting, and how tanks operate as multi-person vehicles.

Here’s a recap from the interview:

Battlefield 1 Planes

  • Rear observer on two-seat attack planes uses a mounted MG on a 360-degree ring mount.
  • Bombers have a rear gunner, which is limited to rear-facing angles.
  • Bombers also have a gunner in the hose of the plane, with a heavy weapon and forward-facing limited traverse.

Battlefield 1 dogfighting

  • Biggest change is lack of locking missiles and countermeasures.
  • Aerodynamics model is more nuanced and refined than what we saw with jets in past Battlefield games.
  • Designers focused on feeling of weight and drag to make it feel more real next to the technology of the time.
  • Dogfighting will be more about maneuvers, speed, throwing bullets towards target, compared to “pressing a button when you heard a beep” in past Battlefield 1 games.

Battlefield 1 tanks

  • Control of tanks will vary depending on vehicle. The landship tank, for example, will have firepower coming from two gunner weapons on either side.
  • Primary functionality differs from past Battlefield games, in which the driver operated the single big gun.
  • Battlefield 1 tanks offer the franchise’s first team-based armored vehicle class.


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