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Battlefield 1 weapon classes: ‘More specialized’ weapons and no attachments keep Battlefield 1’s realism in check

There have been plenty of questions surrounding DICE’s decision to go with a World War I setting for Battlefield 1, but gamers should be comforted by the idea that the game hopes to offer as realistic an interpretation of the era as possible.


DICE has revealed a plethora of new details surrounding the game, focusing primarily on the game’s weapons, part and parcel of any Battlefield game.

Weapon designer Julian Schimeck answered a number of questions during an online Q&A, revealing some interesting tidbits about Battlefield 1‘s weaponry.

“The weapons of Battlefield 1 are a bit more specialised,” Schimek said. “To get the most out of them, you have to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and use the right one in the right situation.”

Schimek highlighted that World War I “drove innovation”, which resulted in things like tanks and armour-rounds, as well as medical and scouting gadgets that “revolutionised the next century of war”.

“Most weapons will allow you to equip bayonets or alter their handling, as well as changing your weapons sights’ magnification,” he said. “We also have amazing weapon skins, which we’ll talk more about in the coming months.”


Battlefield 1 Weapon Classes

There will be six different weapon classes:

  • Shotguns
  • SMGs
  • LMGs
  • Semi-autos
  • Sidearms
  • Sniper rifles

Each weapon can be customised with up to three loadouts. There will be no attachments.

As expected considering the era, there will be a range of different melee weapons, as well as a variety of grenades.


About Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 will be set during World War I, confirming months of speculation that DICE was bringing the franchise back to a historical setting. There were rumours that the game would cross multiple time eras, but that appears to have been debunked at this stage based on the trailer and previews from those that were at the reveal event.

EA says the campaign will feature “more gameplay choices”, more choices for the play, and, of course, will feature those special “battlefield moments” that define the franchise. It wouldn’t be a Battlefield reveal without mention of the word “moment”!


Thursday 9th of June 2016

Feels a bit like a return to BF2 in terms of the weapons. I don't know if I'll be buying another battlefield game again soon but this sure has me interested.

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