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Battlefield 1 server rentals now available through in-game store

EA’s rent-a-server programme has been around for a few years, having been introduced on PC back when unicorns still galloped through the plains, and on consoles when Battlefield 3 was “OMG LOOK AT THOSE GRAPHICS” cool (seriously though that reveal trailer was pretty amazing).

The publisher is mixing the service up with Battlefield 1, allowing players to rent a server directly through an in-game store.

In past games, players were still able to set up their own servers and customise in-game rules, however they had to do so through a third-party that had been authorised by EA to lease them out.

EA hopes the new method will afford it more quality control over the type of hardware used to host the servers. There’s also promise for a more centralised support system, seeing as though the entire rental process will happen under EA’s watch.

Players will be able to customise the server name, game modes and map rotation, among other game modes, with more options added over time as player feedback comes in.

While the system appears to be a better one for console players, it’ll be interesting to see how the console community responds to what appears to be a more restricted server rental program.

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