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Year In Review: Your favourite Overwatch characters, from least to most popular

5. Mercy


It’s interesting that Mercy cracks the top 5 here, because she’s not used enough in my experience. She’s easily the best healer in the game, and while she has very little in the way of combat abilities, the simplicity of her design compliments the complexity of her contribution to the team. The ability to switch between health and power boost can make for some highly effective tactical advantages, while her resurrection alt has epic comeback potential.


4. Tracer


Tracer is another “decoy” hero: she’s not particularly powerful, but has the potential to cause utter havoc if used well. Opponents focus way too much time and effort trying to keep up with her, and as such she’s fantastic for distracting enemies so that teammates can move in for the kill or objective.


3. Junkrat


Junkrat shot up the popularity ladder recently, although it’s a surprise he wasn’t up the top to begin with. His obnoxious personality compliments the insanity of his abilities and attack style. His ultimate is also terrifying, forcing opposing players to search frantically for the approaching wheel of death. Fantastic in both attack and defense.


2. Genji


Genji is another Mei and Tracer: a great decoy. He differs from those two characters, however, in that he is a far more effective and efficient killer. His ultimate is nigh-impossible to stop, and even his base abilities make him incredibly tough to play against. He’s not an overly accessible character, however, and is best left for players that know how to use him to his strengths. Like a Hanzo, any team with a highly-skilled Genji player is destined to win.


1. D.Va


D.Va has gone through a number of buffs and other tweaks since launch, and while she’s not the most powerful character in the game, the fact she essentially has two lives and a devastating ultimate makes her place at the top of this list not at all surprising. Her mobility, improved shield, accurate assault firing, and just all-round usefulness make her a key component of any Overwatch team.

What do you think of the results? Do you agree with the community? Who is your favourite Overwatch hero? Vote in our poll below to keep it going, and sound off in the comments below!

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