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Year In Review: Your favourite Overwatch characters, from least to most popular

19. Widowmaker


Widowmaker makes the occasional appearance in both attack and defense. Her vision ultimate is particularly useful for both teams, allowing teammates to see the location of nearby enemies. The downside of her character is that she is far more useful at long-rang than short range, even with her automatic assault rifle. This means that you’re almost always one player down on the payload or objective. If you play as Widowmaker, make sure you’re super effective at the role.


18. Symmetra


This author’s favourite character (as of December 16), Symmetra is yet another under-appreciated hero in Overwatch. Some say she’s overpowered, and she may be, but her vulnerability at long-range makes her a major liability. She has plenty of uses, however: he turrets are spectacularly powerful when well-placed, while her primary weapon is distracting and powerful. Her ultimate in the teleporter is a fantastic way to keep teammates in the thick of the action after death.


17. Ana


Along with Sombra, Ana is the newest addition to the Overwatch character. The community has had quite a bit of time to get used to her skillset and abilities, and she’s proven to be a nice little addition to the roster with her diverse range of team-healing and assistance abilities.


16. Bastion


Bastion, like a Torbjorn, is a character who invokes an interchanging sense of love and hatred. He can be incredibly fun to play as when setting up as a sentry and ripping through oncoming opponents. However, coming up against a good team of players that know how to counter and defend against his attacks can make the character difficult to control. He lacks much in the way of variety, and as such as dropped down the popularity charts since the beta.

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