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Year In Review: Your favourite Overwatch characters, from least to most popular

10. Zenyatta


Zenyatta is an interesting one on this list because personally, I rarely have him on my team. That’s a shame, because he has some great abilities and some surprisingly powerful attack combos that can be rather devastating upon the enemy team. While perhaps not as effective a healer as Mercy, he’s still a great resource to have on your team if it’s desperate for some healing help.


9. Soldier 76


It’s almost like Blizzard felt obliged to include a straight-up first-person assault rifle soldier in Overwatch. Thankfully, they nailed the character. He just plays so … smoothly. He’s incredibly balanced and tight, with fantastic mobility, range and accuracy. He’s really the perfect Overwatch character, although he lacks much in the way of originality and uniqueness. His ultimate, if used with the element of surprise, is incredibly devastating upon opposing teams.


8. Reaper


You’re probably not surprised that Reaper and Solider: 76 are so close together on this list. Every team that has one of these characters almost always has the other. They bounce off of each other superbly, offering some nice variation in combat and defense. If Soldier is out or sucked into combat elsewhere, Reaper can control the fort with some well-placed, close-range headshots. Throw in an unbelievable ultimate — one that, if done well, is one of the best in the game — and it’s easy to see why Reaper sits so highly on this list.


7. Lúcio


Lucio is not for everyone, and is certainly a character best left for players that know how to utilise him to his strengths. He’s among the most played characters in Overwatch, but many players acknowledge how important he is to teams. His blend of health and speed boosts — along with some surprisingly powerful combat manoeuvres — make him a rather challenging opponent for enemy teams. If you have a Lucio on your team, hope that the character knows how to best use him, because a good Lucio almost always leads to victory.


6. Mei


Mei’s is Overwatch‘s ultimate troll. She’s not so good at long-range what with a single-shot ice blast, but her close-range abilities and weapons make for some truly frustrating attacks on enemy players. Her ultimate has the ability to cause havoc if used well, generally in conjunction with, say, Soldier’s visor ultimate, or perhaps Reaper’s. Some well-placed headshots after freezing an enemy, as well as her ice wall, make her particularly useful on defense, but also somewhat resourceful in attack.

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