Civilization 6 is the fastest selling entry in the franchise’s 25 years

It’s only been out for two weeks, but Civilization VI is proving to be yet another successful iteration in the turn-based franchise.

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Civilization VI review – Still evolving, still complex, still amazing

25 years after the launch of the original, Civilization VI proves Sid Meier and his crack team of strategy gaming experts have still got it. This is an epic turn-based strategy title full of complexity, depth and real-world history, and its several different 4X gameplay systems work in harmony to create one of the most engaging digital board games imaginable.

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Hands-on preview: Putting Civilization 6’s biggest changes to the test

The latest Civilization entry feels familiar yet strangely foreign. Hands-on preview.

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Civilization 6 announced, set to ruin my life this October
“Just. One. More. Turn.” Every Civ player has gone through the excruciating effort of stepping away from the computer. They will relive that pain this October. Read more